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Rage 2 DLC 2 | Expansion 2 release date

Bethesda has announced that a Rage 2 DLC 2 expansion will be coming to the game after its Rise of the Ghosts DLC. This second batch of DLC will be another paid expansion, but little is known about what it will contain. Find out everything we know about the Rage 2 DLC 2 pack, including its release date, with our help.

Rage 2 DLC 2 | Release date and price

Rage 2 DLC 2

As you might have guessed, there isn’t a definitive Rage 2 DLC 2 release date yet. Bethesda only announced the roadmap for Rage 2 a couple of days before its release, and there won’t be any mention of this expansion until after Rise of the Ghosts has come out.

The only information we do know, about its potential release date, is from the roadmap itself. It’ll arrive sometime in the fall and, based on when Rise of the Ghost comes out, we can hazard a guess about when this will be.

Rise of the Ghosts will land in-game in August, which is three months after Rage 2 launched. If Bethesda sticks to the three-month release window between expansions that other companies employ, it should drop around November time.

Like Rise of the Ghosts too, we don’t know about a possible price point yet. This expansion won’t be free to anyone who pre-ordered the Deluxe or Collector’s Editions of the game either, so you’ll have to stump up the money to play it.

Rage 2 DLC 2 | New content

Rage 2 DLC 2

The Rage 2 DLC 2 will introduce a number of new things to the game. Like the Rise of the Ghosts DLC, this expansion will bring a new mini-storyline to complete. It’ll be set in a new region of the map, with plenty of new areas to explore.

New abilities, weapons, and vehicles will also be patched into Rage 2 as part of this, so there will lots of content for you to enjoy when it does arrive.