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Rage 2 Call Down Ecopod Bug | Why is the handscanner not working?

If you’ve been frustrated by the Rage 2 call down Ecopod bug then you’ve come to the right place. Players have reported that the handscanner isn’t working for them during this early Ground Control mission, and we imagine you’re one of them. Find out if there’s a fix for the Rage 2 call down Ecopod bug with our help.

Rage 2 Call Down Ecopod Bug | Handscanner not working

Rage 2 Call Down Ecopod Bug

The Rage 2 call down Ecopod bug takes place during the Ground Control mission which occurs early on in the game. Threads such as this Steam community forum and Bethesda forum ones have explained what the issue is, and it’s affecting quite a few players.

You’re supposed to open up the Ecopod that lands outside using the handscanner in front of you after you’ve called it down. However, players are finding that the handscanner is locked and they can’t open the Ecopod to progress the mission forward.

A similar issue involves the cutscene that plays after you call down the Ecopod from the Earth’s atmosphere. Players watch the animation as the Ecopod drops down to Earth but can’t progress to the outside world as the door, of the building they’re in, remains locked. With no new waypoint to move the mission on, players are being left with the thankless task of starting the game all over again.

Rage 2 Call Down Ecopod Bug | Is there a fix?

Rage 2 Call Down Ecopod Bug

Nope, there’s no official Rage 2 call down Ecopod bug fix that will resolve the problem for you. Bethesda must be aware of it, especially if the issue has been posted on its official forums. As of right now though, there’s been nothing from the game’s publisher to state that it’s looking into it.

Your only option, and it’s an annoying one at that, is to start a new game and hope it isn’t bugged on your next playthrough, or hope you have a manual save from a few missions back. It’s that or sit around and wait for a patch to come out that fixes the problem.