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Rage 2 Unloaded Trophy Guide | How to unlock

The much-anticipated Rage 2 is out now on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. As with all modern games, there are plenty of Rage 2 Trophies and Achievements to unlock. This includes the Rage 2 Unloaded Trophy. If you’re struggling to shoot 70 bullets in 16 seconds with an assault rifle, this Rage 2 Unloaded Trophy guide is here to help. Read on to discover how to unlock the Rage 2 Unloaded Trophy. This is for all the Trophy hunters out there, you know who you are.

What is the Rage 2 Unloaded Trophy?

Rage 2 Unloaded Trophy Guide

While there are plenty of Rage 2 Trophies and Achievements that you will have to wait until late on into the game to unlock, the Unloaded Trophy is one that you can unlock at any time. As such, it is an easy enough Trophy or Achievement to grab. It’s a Bronze Trophy on the PS4 and the Xbox One Achievement is worth 15 Gamerscore.

The official description of the trophy is this: “Shoot 70 bullets within 16 seconds using the Assault Rifle.” It really is as simple to complete and unlock as it sounds. Read on to discover how you can unlock the Unloaded Trophy/Achievement.

Rage 2 Unloaded Trophy | How to unlock

Rage 2 Unloaded Trophy Guide

As stated above, unlocking the Unloaded Trophy/Achievement is incredibly simple. All you need to do is shoot 70 bullets from the Assault Rifle within 16 seconds. While it perhaps doesn’t sound like there is enough time to do this, believe us when we say that there is more than enough.

To unlock the Unloaded Trophy in Rage 2, simply aim wherever you like (it doesn’t have to be at an enemy or anything) and hold down the shoot button. Fire through the first magazine clip of 35 bullets, quickly reload, and fire through the second lot of 35 bullets. Ding. Achievement/Trophy unlocked. That’s all there is to it. No tricks, no leveling up the Assualt Rifle, nothing. Just aim at a wall or whatever and unload 70 bullets quickly. Simple stuff.