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Rage 2 Tracking | How to find Ark Chests and Storage Containers

Rage 2 is out now, and the game boasts a huge open-world with a lot of things to find, see, do, and shoot at. One of the main things you’ll need to do, however, is find the game’s version of treasure chests for some sweet loot. Regardless of the location, two of the main items you can track down in pretty much every place in the game are Ark Chests and Storage Containers. To get them easily you’ll need some Rage 2 tracking skills.

You can certainly scour every location for the telltale pink lid-boxes and gleaming white chests, not to mention the other collectables in the game such as datapads. That will take a long time, however. The alternate and far smarter way to do it is to follow our guide and make sure you get the Rage 2 tracking powers unlocked. Here’s how to do that and why it’s a good idea to do so, other than to make your life easier.

How to get the Rage 2 tracking abilities

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While there are a number of collectables in Rage 2, Storage Containers and Ark Chests are the main “loot chests” in the game, so consequently they’re the main things you’ll want to track down. While you can check in the map specifically how many of each there are in a location, on average there’s usually around one Ark Chest and at least three Storage Containers in every map point, certainly the more important or larger locations anyway.

It’s entirely possible to simply look around and find them, but with the locations in Rage 2 being on multiple levels with numerous nooks and crannies, that could take forever. Fortunately there are some abilities you can pick up that make finding these treasure chests much easier. To get them, you’ll first need to talk to Dr. Kvasir. Not long after starting the game you’ll get the location of Lagooney in the Sekreto Wetlands area in the westernmost part of the Rage 2 map, which is where you’ll need to go to look for him. After speaking to a local man there, he’ll send you north to Kvasir’s lab.

You’ll find him under attack from the Authority. Defend his lab, speak to the good doctor, and he’ll give you the Ground Control mission. This requires that you go to the Eden Space Center on the very opposite side of the map, the very easternmost point of the Broken Tract region. Fight off the Goon Squad squatting in the center, call down the Ecopod, collect the new ability inside the Ecopod, and destroy the Authority monsters that attack you. Return to Kvasir (you can fast travel to Lagooney and then make your way back up) and complete the mission. He’ll get to work on Project Dagger, and you’ll gain access to his Projects upgrades list. Here is where you’ll find the tracking abilities you can upgrade.

What Rage 2 tracking abilities are there?

There are multiple tracking abilities on Kvasir’s Projects upgrades list, one for every useful collectable in the game. Depending on the tier, you’ll need a different amount of Project Points to unlock them. Don’t worry if you’ve only got a lot of these points from either Hagar or Marshall, they’re standard across all Project lists.

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The good news is that most of the collectables in the game, including Storage Containers, are available on the Tier 1 level of Kvasir’s Projects, which means that you can get them immediately and they only ever cost one Project point. We suggest getting the Storage Container one immediately, as that’s by far the most useful. On that same Tier level is Datapads and Authority Drones.

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On the second Tier level is Feltrite deposits, which is also useful to get. But in order to unlock the second most important tracking ability, for the Ark Chests, you’ll have to keep going until you can access Tier 4. Ark Chests are right in the center there, and it costs a huge four Project points to unlock. Hopefully you have that saved up, as in our experience it’s the Ark Chests that are the hardest to find. Now you’ve got them all, however, we can begin tracking.

How to use Rage 2 tracking

Once you’ve unlocked a few, or all of the Rage 2 tracking abilities, it’s fortunately really simple to use. What happens is, if you’re near any of the items you’ve unlocking a tracking ability for, a Wi-Fi-like signal icon will appear just underneath your compass at the top of the screen. As you get closer to any of the items such as Storage Containers, the signal strength will increase, and once you’re very close to it the meter will be completely white. You simply have to measure how the signal strength reacts as you move around, and keep an eye out for whatever it is you’re looking for. Remember that it takes elevation into account, something could be above you.

While the tracking ability is very useful, it’s not perfect, and still requires some skill to use. For starters, there is no distinction made between any of the various collectables. If you’ve got everything unlocked, the signal could be from an Ark Chest, Storage Container, Authority Drone, Datapad, or Feltrite Deposit, so you have to look out for all of them. Furthermore, items can be behind objects or walls, below or above you, or hidden out of sight and have to be unlocked somehow. You still have to put some work in, but we’d rather have the ability than not.

What are Ark Chests?

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The Ark Chests, much like the Arks themselves (where they presumably have been raided from) contain various useful upgrade parts, and so are one of the most helpful (and rarer) “treasure chests” to find in Rage 2. The least important things they can hold are various components, such as Ark Tek Cores, which you’ll need to collect several types of and then take them to the Cyber Doc in Wellspring to get a Health, Overdrive, or Weapon Damage upgrade. The more immediately useful thing Ark Chests can hold are Nanotrite Boosters, which you can use to upgrade your Nanotrite powers. Very useful, which explains why the tracking ability for them costs four Project points to unlock.

What are Storage Containers?

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Storage Containers are the basic “loot chests” of Rage 2, and you’ll find them everywhere you visit. They are black boxes with pink lids, and you can punch them open to get one of two resources: Cash or Feltrite. It’s random which you’ll get. While they are common, there are only a limited amount in every location, usually only two or three, but can be as high as seven or eight, depending on how big the location is. Consequently there are a finite number of Storage Containers in the entire game, and since you always need both cash and Feltrite, you’ll want to track them all down if you visit a location.

They can actually be a pain to find, as with their mostly black design they often resemble just ordinary boxes unless you get a good look at them. With the lack of brightness controls in the game, it’s easy to overlook them. It’s good, then, that we’ve got the tracking abilities to help us out, otherwise these things can easily blend into the background. Even with the pink tops.