WoW Classic Beta Sign Up | How to sign up for the World of Warcraft Classic beta

World of Warcraft Classic is set to launch later this year on August 27. However, ahead of the fall release date, Blizzard is offering a WoW Classic beta sign up period, where players can get a taste of the game a bit early! The WoW Classic beta period is a time for the developers to test out their game and touch up any bugs before it releases worldwide. In exchange for getting early access, fans will be asked to report any bugs or issues they come across while playing so that it can be polished up before launch. So, how do you sign up for the World of Warcraft Classic beta?

WoW Classic Beta Sign Up | How to sign up for World of Warcraft Classic beta

WoW Classic Beta Sign Up

The first WoW Classic beta sign up period is coming later this month, with two other beta periods coming in June and July. There are a total of three different times that players can sign up and try out the game before it launches. The World of Warcraft Classic beta times can be seen below:

  • Beta Period 1: May 22-23
  • Beta Period 2: June 19-20
  • Beta Period 3: July 18-10

With all that said, getting in the WoW Classic beta could be a bit challenging, as it is invite only. In order to have a chance to participate, you must sign in through a Blizzard account and opt into the beta through the account management tab. The team at Blizzard will begin sending out invites on May 15 for the first WoW Classic beta period. If you have yet to sign up, do not worry, because more beta testers will be picked as future beta periods get closer.

Blizzard won’t just be picking names out of a hat to decide who gets to participate in the World of Warcraft Classic beta. In order to have a good chance at being considered, you’ll need to show that you’re a dedicated player. According to the games website, you’ll need to have an active subscription or active game time on our account to be considered for the testing period.

Additionally, Blizzard has said that there may be a couple of other factors determining who they allow in the WoW Classic beta sign up. For example, a player who has been subscribed to the game for a long time will likely have an advantage over a new subscriber. While the reasoning behind this may seem unfair, it is so that the team can get valuable feedback from longtime fans of the franchise.

While it may sound like new players won’t get a chance to play, that’s not what it means. Blizzard is simply saying that they want to give some of the slots to older players who have been around the game for a long time. There are still slots available for newer players, there is just less of them.

World of Warcraft Classic betaWhat’s next?

WoW Classic Beta Sign Up

Looking past the WoW Classic beta sign up period, fans will be able to create their characters a few days before the game releases. On August 13, Blizzard will begin allowing players to create their characters in anticipation for the August 27 launch. To create your World of Warcraft character, you’ll need to have an active subscription or have playtime on your account. If you do, you’ll be able to create up to three characters per account before the game launches. As the launch date gets closer, Blizzard has promised to reveal more information on realm names.

World of Warcraft Classic was announced at BlizzCon back in 2017. The aim of the classic version of the game is to allow fans to experience what World of Warcraft was like before the first WoW expansion back in 2007. There will be six content phases for World of Warcraft Classic, which aims to pay homage to how content used to be released for WoW.

It is unclear if World of Warcraft Classic will cost anything or if you’ll just need an active subscription to play. However, Blizzard has revealed that those who already pay the $15 monthly fee to play World of Warcraft will have World of Warcraft Classic included in their subscription. More information about pricing and content should be revealed in the upcoming months at WoW Classic gets ready to launch this fall.