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Rage 2 Menu Screen Crash to Desktop error bug fix

A tremendously annoying Rage 2 menu screen crash to desktop error bug is spoiling the experience of the game for many players. Read on to discover what might be causing the Rage 2 desktop crash that comes coupled with a 0xc0000005 error code and to see if there is a Rage 2 menu screen crash to desktop error bug fix or not. We might just have the fix for you, so hopefully, you can stop Rage 2 from crashing to the desktop.

What is the Rage 2 Menu Screen Crash to Desktop error bug?

Rage 2 Menu Screen Crash to Desktop

If you take one look at the Bethesda Support Forums for Rage 2, you will instantly see that many people are complaining of the same crash to desktop bugs in the game. Essentially, people are finding that Rage 2 is crashing to the desktop when they are scrolling through the menu screens of the game. It appears as though the time it takes before the 0xc0000005 error code and crash to desktop happens varies between players, but it will more than likely appear every time they play the game.

What’s especially odd, however, is that the error and crashes only appear to be taking place when people are going through menu screens such as weapon upgrades and the like. The map screen doesn’t seem to be causing the crashes. Obviously, a game that crashed to the desktop while you’re scrolling through its menu screens is not ideal. Thankfully, there does seem to be something of a fix.

Rage 2 Menu Screen Crash to Desktop error bug fix

Rage 2 Menu Screen Crash to Desktop

It seems as though the VSync settings might be causing the crashing issues here. Sok4R on the Bethesda support forums seems to think so, anyway. It’s explained that completely turning off the Vsync settings in Rage 2 and from within the Nvidia Control Panel fixes the problem. If you’re worried about screen tearing, however, you should be able to activate VSync and fix the crashes to the desktop following these steps:

  • Open Rage 2
  • Head into its settings and turn off VSync completely
  • Exit the game
  • Head into your Nvidia Control Panel and force VSync off for Rage 2
  • Open Rage 2 again, play for a little while, save and exit
  • Jump back into the Nvidia Control Panel and force VSync on

Hopefully, following these steps should fix the obscene crashing error and ensure that VSync works in Rage 2. If it doesn’t work, however, go back into the Nvidia Control Panel and turn VSync off again. Just remember to have VSync turned off in-game.

If doing this doesn’t fix the error, however, Bethesda suggests general fixes such as reinstalling the latest GPU drivers, repairing the game files, adding Rage 2 as an exception in your firewall and anti-virus, and running Rage 2, Steam, and launcher as administrator.

If nothing works, unfortunately, you will need to wait for a fix via an update. Hopefully, Bethesda and Avalanche Studios can pinpoint the cause of the Rage 2 Menu Screen Crash to Desktop error and fix it with an update sooner rather than later.