Box art - Team Sonic Racing

Team Sonic Racing Unlock Time and Preload Info

Start your engines! The Team Sonic Racing unlock time is just around the corner but, strangely enough, there’s been very little info forthcoming about when you can start playing Team Sonic Racing. Even so, we’ll do our best to parse out the confirmed info as well as whether you can preload Team Sonic Racing just in time for release.

Team Sonic Racing Unlock Time

Team Sonic Racing Unlock time


As ever with PS4 digital pre-orders that don’t have a confirmed unlock time (as is the case with Team Sonic Racing), we can but narrow it down to two possibilities: Midnight in your time zone, or 9 PM Pacific/12 AM Eastern/5 AM BST.

Xbox One

Xbox One also doesn’t have an unlock time as of writing, but we can typically expect anything to release on Microsoft’s console at midnight in your region.


On Steam, meanwhile, things are a little clearer. You’re looking at a 7 AM Pacific/10 AM Eastern/3 PM BST unlock time, which is perhaps a little later than most would have anticipated. If you’re looking to play ASAP, you might want to stick to consoles.

Nintendo Switch

Again, no confirmed unlock time just yet – we’ll update if things are any different – but there is a weird curio with Nintendo Switch third-party releases such as Team Sonic Racing that you need to watch out for. It can land anywhere between 12 AM Pacific/3 AM Eastern/8 AM BST on Tuesday, May 21 and 12 PM Pacific/3 PM Pacific/8 PM BST, according to the Nintendo website.

Can I preload Team Sonic Racing?

Team Sonic Racing Unlock time

Oddly, Team Sonic Racing isn’t currently available to preload on any platform across Europe and North America. So, even if things unlock at midnight for you, you’re likely to have a fair old wait until you can actually play the game properly, which is a shame. You’d think Sonic would be all about the speed!