Box art - Team Sonic Racing

Team Sonic Racing Microtransactions | What DLC is available?

Team Sonic Racing is out this week, and it’s the latest Sonic the Hedgehog kart racer, following up the fantastic Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing Transformed. That game had some surprisingly great DLC, from the likes of Metal Sonic and Wreck-It Ralph to PC exclusives such as the stars of Team Fortress 2, Shogun: Total War, and even a Yogscast racer. Will there be Team Sonic Racing DLC? More importantly, are there any Team Sonic Racing microtransactions to worry about?

Are there Team Sonic Racing microtransactions?

People were concerned when it was revealed that the way players would get additional car parts and mods for their vehicles in Team Sonic Racing was solely through an in-game currency called credits. This also is randomized, which conjures the specter of loot boxes, something no one wants to see in a triple-A game these days. Fortunately, these credits can only be earned through racing, and there are no microtransactions in the game.

Is there any Team Sonic Racing DLC?

If there aren’t any small DLC microtransactions, such as loot boxes or credits, are there any larger DLC packs in Team Sonic Racing? The last game, Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing Transformed, had a fair number of DLC racers added to it, some even platform-exclusive. Is there anything like that in Sonic’s latest kart racing game? This does not appear to be the case. There are no preorder racers, deluxe editions, extra DLC currently available for Team Sonic Racing, and according to SEGA’s Aaron Webber, it doesn’t sound like the publisher will be adding individual racers as DLC at all.

It’s entirely possible there may be larger expansions, with new trackers and characters, added later on, but this probably depends on how well Team Sonic Racing performs in the charts. For now at least, if you pick up Team Sonic Racing, you’ll get the full game with nothing cut out, which is honestly quite refreshing these days.