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Fortbyte 72 | Found within Salty Springs location

The latest Fortnite Fortbyte has been unlocked and this time it leads us to Salty Springs. The Fortbyte event has been going on since the beginning of Season 9 and is now around one-third of the way complete. Fortbyte 72 is one of the easier hidden items to unlock in the event, since it doesn’t require much from players and is in an obvious location. So, where exactly is the Fortbyte 72 location within Salty Springs?

Fortbyte 72 location| Found within Salty Springs

The clue for Fortbyte 72 is that it is “found within Salty Springs,” so this should obviously lead us to that specific named location! If you can’t remember where Salty Springs is, check out the map below. It is located just below Dusty Divot and just above Fatal Fields.

Fortnite Fortbyte 72

Now that you’re at the Salty Springs location, you’ll need to track down Fortbyte 72’s exact location. The easiest way to do that is to look for the Reboot Van that is located off-center in Salty Springs. Next to the Reboot Van is a red truck that has been turned on its side, which is where Fortbyte 72 is located. As you get close to Salty Springs, you should be able to see the red truck pretty clearly. Below is a picture marking the location of the truck.

Fortbyte 72 location

Once you get close to the truck, you’ll see Fortbyte 72 sitting inside the truck. Simply run up to it and search it to add it to your collection!

Fortnite Fortbyte 72 location

Fortbyte 72 released earlier this morning ahead of some news of a new Fortnite Event and Fortnite Skin. Fortnite and the NBA are partnering up to bring a Jordan Event into the game just a few days before the start of the NBA Finals. Additionally, an all-new Wonder Skin has been announced for Honor 20 smartphone users. It looks like Fortnite Season 9 is really starting to pick up!