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FIFA 19 1.15 Update Patch Notes

FIFA 19 players are getting an update for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and PC. The new FIFA 19 1.15 update will be adding in Women’s World Cup games and addressing a major FUT issue. While the FIFA 19 update is not a big one by any means, it is still nice to see EA show some love to the game, especially on the side of women’s sports, which is often neglected. The FIFA 19 1.15 update went live in the game earlier today, so players can start playing instantly! Below are some more in-depth details about the FIFA 19 patch.

FIFA 19 1.15 Update Summary

FIFA Women’s World Cup

As part of the FIFA 19 1.15 update, EA is showing some love to the upcoming 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup this summer. Players will now be able to play in the 2019 Women’s World Cup in Kickoff Mode as their favorite country with their favorite players.

FIFA 19 1.15 Update patch notes

There are tons of fun things that players can do with the addition of the FIFA Women’s World Cup. For example, fans could simulate all of the games happening in the real-life World Cup and see how their simulated results pan out compared to real life results. If you do this, be sure to let us know in the comments who will win it all!

FIFA Ultimate Team

The FIFA 19 1.15 update also addressed a major issue plaguing FIFA Ultimate Team—disappearing dynamic and 2D images for Player Items. From now on, the dynamic and 2D images for Player Items should no longer be disappearing. This will definitely make things a lot more enjoyable while playing FUT!

The FIFA 19 1.15 update comes out just a couple of days before the FIFA eChampions Finals take place on May 31 in Madrid. There will be eight finalists competing for a $100,000 prize. If you’re interested in the esports event, make sure to read all about it so that you don’t miss any of the details!