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The Elder Scrolls Online 5.0.7 Update Patch Notes

The Elder Scrolls Online 5.0.7 update has gone live today, June 3, ahead of the Elsweyr DLC being brought to the MMORPG. The list of changes are pretty detailed for this latest update, and bring a ton of bug fixes with it. For everything concerning The Elder Scrolls Online 5.0.7 update patch notes, you’ll want to read our guide. Check it out below to get the lowdown on everything worth knowing.

The Elder Scrolls Online 5.0.7 Update

The Elder Scrolls Online 5.0.7 Update


As you’d expect, The Elder Scrolls Online 5.0.7 update provides more information about the upcoming Elsewyr DLC. The bulk of these concern fixes for bugs, glitches, and other issues that players had come across ahead of its official patch being implemented.

For starters, combat and gameplay concerning dragons have been resolved. These included the inability for dragons to turn properly, or even engage with players if they were slightly too far away.

There’s a lot of solutions found for various quests in the Elsweyr DLC too. The Bright Moon, Warm Sands mission no longer tells you to crouch if you are already, while the likes of Jode’s Core, The Final Order, and Two Queens have all received upgrades after certain bugs caused players issues.

Other fixes

Zenimax Online Studios have also tweaked elements for other content during The Elder Scrolls Online 5.0.7 update. Summerset’s Cloudrest Trial has had a fix patched through concerning Malicious Strike’s projectile damage. Wrathstone, meanwhile, solved the Coldsnap and Meridian Motif issues where they were dropped ahead of their official schedule.

A glitched achievement in the Murkmire DLC has been fixed too. You will only receive the “Voriplasm Slayer” achievement if you kill Voriplasms, and not for dispatching other creatures.

There’s a slew of other bug-related problems that have been resolved during this patch as well. Elements of combat and gameplay, such as Nightblade Siphoning, art and animation issues, and UI fixes have all been fixed.

The Elder Scrolls Online 5.0.7 Update Patch Notes

The Elder Scrolls Online 5.0.7 Update

For a complete rundown of all of The Elder Scrolls Online 5.0.7 update fixes, follow the patch notes below.


  • Dragons
    • Dragons will now animate to turn more accurately.
    • Fixed an issue where a Dragon engaged in combat with a solo player would sometimes not turn to face that player at vast distances.
  • Sunspire Trial
    • Chests are no longer present prior to defeating either Yolnakhriin or Lokkestiiz.
    • Fixed an issue where Lokkestiiz’s Storm Breath telegraph was incorrectly placed.
  • Exploration and itemization
    • Fixed an issue which could prevent Elsweyr survey report imagery from displaying correctly.
    • Fixed a Runestone that couldn’t be harvested.
  • Quests and zones
    • The devious Elsweyr cryptid, the Fennec Daggerback Foxboar, has been driven to extinction.
    • Fixed an issue where some of the Dirty Drakes were dropping pickpocketing loot.
    • Actually fixed the issue where you would not get the achievement or daily quest credit for killing Zalsheem the Waking Nightmare.
    • Bright Moons, Warm Sands: You will no longer be prompted to crouch when reaching the Stealth tutorial if you are already crouched.
    • Jode’s Core:
      • Fixed an issue where, if you crashed or were kicked out of the Plane of Jode on the quest step “Leave the Plane of Jode”, you would be directed to a place slightly off-center of where you needed to stand to advance.
      • Fixed an issue if you were standing too far away from the center of the battlefield, Abnur’s warning to get into his shield wouldn’t reach your ears. Speakers. Whatever.
    • The Final Order: Fixed an issue where the Dragonguard Report would not properly share within groups, causing it to disappear when another member of your group looted it.
    • The Jewel of Baan’dar: Fixed a chest associated with this quest that was visible to players not actually on the quest.
    • Two Queens:
      • Fixed an issue where other players’ Zamaraks would stack up on each other. This is not how Khajiit try to get to the moons.
      • Fixed an issue if you did not speak to Zamarak completely at the desecrated graves, he would walk away prematurely.
      • Zamarak now properly contributes to combat inside Rimmen Palace.
      • Fixed an issue where the mummies in the Chapel of the Guiding Moons might not aggro properly if you stood by the entrance door. Some undead guards you are.
  • UI
    • Fixed an issue where a Dragon’s Unrelenting Force and similar channeled abilities were not appearing in the Death Recap screen.


  • You will now only receive credit for killing Voriplasms in Murkmire for the achievement “Voriplasm Slayer”.


  • Cloudrest Trial: Blocking Malicious Strike’s projectile damage no longer prevents the Dark Drain effect from applying, as originally intended.


  • Fixed an issue that was allowing Coldsnap and Meridian Motif pages to drop well in advance of their proper schedule.

Combat and Gameplay

  • Ground targeted abilities will now work after weapon swapping while still channeling a Lightning or Restoration Staff heavy attack.
  • Reverted last week’s change to fix players teleporting while using movement abilities, as it upset the God of Schemes. A bargain has been made between Molag Bal and Sheogorath to resolve this issue in a future patch.
  • Fixed an issue where Focused Healing from humanoid healers could target player pets.
  • Nightblade Siphoning: Fixed an issue where the Snare and Immobilize from this ability would apply to their target, then immediately fall off.

Base Game

  • Fixed an issue that allowed players carrying Volendrung to use the Transitus network to access towns.
  • The Volendrung Vanquisher and Volendrung Wielder achievements will now complete as expected. Note this fix is not retroactive.
  • Fixed an issue where a monster could suddenly snap to face its target at the end of an ability cast.
  • Fixed an issue where some pieces of the Anequina style could not be properly dyed.
  • Fixed an issue where Urgarlag Chief-bane was not offering a Pledge quest each day.
  • Fixed an issue where changing your role in the Activity Finder would prevent you from queuing for a random activity until re-opening the screen.
  • Fixed an issue for some players receiving Error 318 since Update 22 launched, which was preventing login.
  • Eastmarch Party Planning: Fixed an issue where the Dunmer Cultural Garb could not be worn.
  • God of Schemes: Molag Bal will no longer hurl your character’s body, causing you to die from fall damage, during a certain phase of the boss fight in the final main quest.
  • Fixed an issue where the Guild Finder would hide a listed guild prior to reaching maximum capacity.