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Fortnite Storm Flip Item | What is the Storm Flip bottle?

A Fortnite Storm Flip item has been teased by Epic Games ahead of its official release. The bottle has shown up on the in-game newsfeed, which usually means that its arrival is almost upon us. If you’re wondering when its actual release date is, and what the Storm Flip bottle does, you’ll want to read our Fortnite Storm Flip item guide.

Fortnite Storm Flip Item | Release date

Fortnite Storm Flip Item

There isn’t a concrete release date for the Fortnite Storm Flip item just yet. As we mentioned above, it has only just been teased by Epic on the in-game news feed alongside the caption “Unleash the storm or tame it. The choice is yours!”

However, we can speculate that the item will be part of the Fortnite 9.2.0 update, which is expected to drop on Wednesday or Thursday. It would be a strange move from Epic to offer a hint at this mysterious item and then not actually bring it out in the next few days.

Of course, they could just be teasing its arrival at some other point down the line. If we had to guess though, we think it will turn up in-game alongside the 9.2.0 update.

Fortnite Storm Flip Item | What does it do?

Fortnite Storm Flip Item

Much like its release date, it’s unclear exactly what the Fortnite Storm Flip item does. The fact that it appears in bottle form could hint at it being a throwable item, but it could also be a consumable as well.

If it is a throwable weapon, then we suspect that it’ll contain some form of mini-storm that will deal damage to opponents. It could pick them up and sling them around inside a tornado-like storm, or simply fire lightning at them wherever they go.

If it’s something that players can drink, however, you could become a storm force yourself and deal additional damage to anyone within your vicinity. That would certainly play into the “tame it” part of the caption after all. We’re sure to find out more when the item goes live in-game anyway.