Attack on Titan Episode 56 Air Date

After the madness of previous weeks, the Attack on Titan episode 56 air date is relatively straightforward. The rhythm has set in again and, whisper it, things should be back to normal. Well, at least as normal as things can get when it comes to Attack on Titan season 3, episode 19. This week sees things reaching a fever pitch and, as the show begins to say its goodbyes (in more ways that one), you’ll probably to wondering how to watch Attack on Titan episode 56 as soon as it airs in the US and UK. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Yes, even if you’re a dubbed fan. I see you.

When is the Attack on Titan episode 56 air date?

attack on titan episode 56

If you’ve taken a few weeks off from watching Attack on Titan the day it airs, you should know that the typical release time has shifted a little bit thanks to a controversy involving leaks. The details aren’t too important, but you should know that the Attack on Titan episode 56 air date is Sunday, June 9 at 6:45 PM Pacific/9:45 PM Eastern.

Unfortunately, that’s exceedingly bad news for those of you in the UK. Attack on Titan episode 56 actually airs in the early hours of Monday, June 10 at 2:45 AM BST.

So, how do you watch the new Attack on Titan episode? Simple: Head on over to Crunchyroll or Funimation (whichever you prefer) at the times listed above and you should be good to go.

When is the Attack on Titan episode 56 English dub release date?

attack on titan episode 56

As of right now, there’s only one place to (legally) watch the Attack on Titan episode 56 is on the Toonami animation block on Adult Swim. Now, the dub is actually a month or so behind, so you’ll have to wait until Saturday, July 6 for your helping of dubbed goodness. That starts at 11:30 PM Eastern.