Rainbow Six Siege 1.67 Update Patch Notes | Year 4, Season 2 Update

The Rainbow Six Siege 1.67 update is now live on PS4, PC, and Xbox One. The new Year 4, Season 2 update is undoubtedly one of the more significant ones in recent weeks, with Operation Phantom Sight dropping, the appearance of new Operators, and your usual amount of fine-tuning and tweaking. It all makes for a considerable (and considerably interesting update). If you want to know more, take a look at our whistlestop tour of the highlights below before diving into the full changelog that makes up the Rainbow Six Siege 1.67 update patch notes.

Rainbow Six Siege 1.67 Update

rainbow six siege 1.67 update

Two new Operators

Nokk and Warden are both being introduced for Operation Phantom Sight owners. Nokk is far more offensive, relying on her ability to skulk through maps relatively undetected, while Warden is definitely one for more defensive-minded players, especially with the Glance ability, which allows the new Operator to see through smoke. That’s an infinitely useful ability if ever I’ve seen one.

For more extensive looks at the new Operators, check out our Nokk guide and Warden guide respectively.

Kafe Dostoyevsky map rework

But it’s not just new additions we should be paying attention to. No, the Rainbow Six Siege 1.67 update is also reworking a map. The interior components of Kafe Dostoyevsky have been tweaked, with the first floor now looking a lot classier; the second floor, meanwhile, has new Bomb positions.

Reverse Friendly Fire

Reverse Friendly Fire, the novel solution to griefers which sees users getting some blowback for team-killing etc, is being tweaked. Now, the likes of smoke and ash do not affect players who threw them down as part of the Reverse Friendly Fire features. This makes far more sense, as hectic situations shouldn’t automatically mean players are being punished because they’ve made a wrong decision. The dev team promises future updates to help further scale this up or down accordingly.

Rainbow Six Siege 1.67 Update Patch Notes

rainbow six siege 1.67 update

  • Fixed – Character model and hit box are desynced after a series of movements while prone.
  • Fixed – Kill cam replays while leaning are not accurate.
  • Fixed – Kill cam replays when latency is present are not in sync with actual events.
  • Fixed – Discrepancy between 1st and 3rd person perspectives when rotating with a shield.
  • Fixed – Noise is generated when slowly turning as a Shield Operator.
  • Fixed – Shield Operators can abuse the lean feature to avoid damage from bullets.
  • Fixed – Players can use macro inputs or hold crouch to change quickly between prone/standing stances on high FPS.
  • Fixed – FPS drops for players in session if a Defender starts and interrupts the Reinforcement action repeatedly.
  • Fixed – Shotguns do not reliably destroy wooden beams in walls.
  • Fixed – Breach Charges placed on the floor will kill the player under it.
  • Fixed – Sprinting right after triggering the weapon switch animation cancels the switch.
  • Fixed – Rappelling upside down can give an advantageous angle to the attacker.
  • Fixed – Attackers do not receive electric damage if they stay near an electrified surface after gadget has been destroyed and the redeployed.
  • Fixed – Electricity VFX clips in indestructible walls and deals damage.
  • Fixed – Operator gadgets that deploy onto walls can be destroyed through the wall by electrified barbed wire.
  • Fixed – Missing dynamic clipping when deployable shield is electrified.
  • Fixed – Player who are DBNO’d while holding a gadget and then revived cannot fire until going into ADS.
  • Fixed – Players with high ping can sometimes move while counter defusing or picking up armor.
  • Fixed – When a player throws a frag grenade and cancels the throw mid-animation, the frag grenade sometimes still explodes.
  • Fixed – Death from a DBNO bleed out will activate RFF but without the TK validation prompt.
  • Fixed – Gadgets that cannot be controlled (Smoke, Ash, etc.) Do not do reverse damage when RFF is active.
  • Fixed – RFF can be switched on for custom online games via match settings.



  • Fixed – Deployable gadgets can be deployed on Alibi’s Prisma Hologram.
  • Fixed – Alibi’s Hologram disappears in various places when prone near elevated structures on certain maps.


  • Fixed – Breaching round does no damage after ricocheting off Kaid’s Rtilla claw.


  • Fixed – When placing a Bandit gadget on a reinforced wall that’s being destroyed, electricity effect will appear in the air where the wall used to be.
  • Fixed – Bandit unable to electrify the reinforced Northern wall of Strip Club in Clubhouse.


  • Fixed – Wooden studs are hard to destroy on Hereford basement walls with Buck’s Skeleton Key.


  • Fixed – Attackers can deploy claymores inside of Clash’s shield.


  • Fixed – Attackers are not hit by the Grzmot Mines when placed above a hole created by another Operator.


  • Fixed – There is no Adrenal Surge effect if player connects during boost usage.


  • Fixed – Glaz’s thermal scope is present on bulletproof camera after watching the kill replay.


  • Fixed – Several areas where Gridlock’s Trax Stingers float after the object on which it was deployed if destroyed.
  • Fixed – Instead of being destroyed, Gridlock’s gadget bounces back when it is thrown towards the out of bounds areas in some maps.


  • Fixed – Players can vault onto a Black Mirror.
  • Fixed – Black mirrors can be placed at the top of walls.


  • Fixed – The hostage goes into Prevent Revive mode if downed by a GU mine from a disconnected Lesion.
  • Fixed – Attackers can remove Gu needles while accessing drones or using observation tools.


  • Fixed – The breaching torch stop the electric damage from an electrified reinforced wall while rappelling.
  • Fixed – The Suri blowtorch makes no visible holes on the hatches of some maps.


  • Fixed – Pest-controlled drones lose signal in various locations on maps.
  • Fixed – Pest deployment AOE effect remains visible even if Pest/surface is destroyed.
  • Fixed – The first drone stolen by Mozzie may go dead after the Attacker whose drone was stolen deploys a second a second drone.
  • Fixed – Invisible drones after being hacked by Mozzie’s Pest.
  • Fixed – The drone outline for a Pest hacked drone is not visible from behind a Black Mirror or from Maestro’s Evil Eye.
  • Fixed – Mozzie controlled Drone light FX displays wrong color after JIP.


  • Fixed – The pushback effect does not trigger when Airjabs are deployed on the EXT Back Porch and EXT Front Porch ceiling of House.


  • Fixed – Sledge hammer cannot break the windows of any vehicles. Now he is free to vandalize all the cars in the game.


  • Fixed – Drone detection light appears white on attacker drones even when Vigil’s gadget is no longer activated.


  • Fixed – Throwing a Candela can cause the gadget to explode mid-air if it doesn’t reach the ground quickly.
  • Fixed – Inability to throw the Candela while falling or vaulting.

Level Design

  • Fixed – The window glass material used on all maps prior to Villa have no reflective properties. We updated the windows for all maps for consistency. Feel free to preen.
  • Fixed – Lighting issues across maps.
  • Fixed – Various LOD issues across all maps.
  • Fixed – Clipping issues for various Operators, gadgets, drones and objects on all maps.
  • Fixed – Various map areas where Nitro Cell/explosives do not deal damage when detonated or damage is blocked.


  • Fixed – Drones can be placed into the wall through the window of EXT Plaza in Bank.
  • Fixed – Drones can be placed between the pillars of Bank Lobby.
  • Fixed – No rappel prompt on the right side wall of EXT Garage Roof area on Bank.


  • Fixed – Player are able to go on the scaffold at Central Stairs of Border.
  • Fixed – Players can fall through map at EXT Valley location of Border.


  • Fixed – Mismatched EXT rock and tree hit boxes can block damage and bounce back gadgets on Chalet.
  • Fixed – Drones can hide in some of the beams on Chalet.
  • Fixed – Drones can hide inside the Fire of 1F Great room on Chalet.
  • Fixed – Players can vault into the fireplace in 2F Master Bedroom.
  • Fixed – Some gadgets can be deployed above an inaccessible area at 1F Trophy Room of Chalet.


  • Fixed – Drones can clip through metal beam in basement of Clubhouse and cannot be destroyed.
  • Fixed – Players can vault on top of the weapons locker in B Arsenal Room and plant on Clubhouse.
  • Fixed – Bulletproof cameras cannot be picked up when placed on the wooden beams of 2F Construction in Clubhouse.
  • Fixed – Some objects on Clubhouse block grenade damage and indicators.
  • Fixed – Destroying the floor of 1F kitchen of Clubhouse reveals a LOS into B Escape Tunnel.
  • Fixed – Blood VFX can be noticed when shooting the chains that holds the pork bodies. Chains do not bleed, just pork.


  • Fixed – Drones can see through the wall of 2F Balcony on Consulate.
  • Fixed – Players experience rubber banding while trying to sprint on top of the concrete square block in Riot Barricade on Consulate.
  • Fixed – A wall can be reinforced from the other side of another wall at 2F Administration Office in Consulate.
  • Fixed – Players can use a deployable shield to vault and spawn kill on Consulate.
  • Fixed – Defenders can see EXT gas station spawn from 2F main stairs on Consulate.
  • Fixed – Players can see through the roof while in the 2F Bathroom on Consulate.
  • Fixed – Invisible collision on the back of the white van from B Garage of Consulate.
  • Fixed – Players can throw a drone inside the ceiling of 1F Main Stairs on Consulate.


  • Fixed – Hitbox mismatch with food containers in INT Kitchen in Favela.


  • Fixed – Players can vault and then plant on top of the fireplace in 1F Sitting Room on Fortress.
  • Fixed – Players can plant the Defuser on top of a bunk bed in 2F Dormitory on Fortress.
  • Fixed – Explosive damage can pass through the indestructible East wall of 2F Bathroom on Fortress.


  • Fixed – Players can’t pick up the Defuser when its dropped between sandbags at the EXT Shooting Range in Hereford.


  • Fixed – Defenders can hide between the chair and a nightstand at 1F Dining Room in House.
  • Fixed – Operators can clip through the platform at EXT Side Street of House and take damage.


  • Fixed – Lots of things. See Kafe Rework.


  • Fixed – Drones are destroyed when hugging the south-east fence in the construction site of Kanal.


  • Fixed – Sound propagation issue in Oregon Boiler Room.
  • Fixed – Collision issues on Oregon causing Operators to get stuck.
  • Fixed – Defenders can be detected outside in specific area of basement of Oregon.


  • Fixed – Pixel LOS from vending machines to EXT Motel Balcony on Outback.


  • Fixed – Player can climb on top of Plane by forcing and vaulting the collisions at EXT Caterer.


  • Fixed – Players can climb up the tower on Skyscraper.


  • Fixed – Players can vault onto the top of the train in 2F Rail Area of Themepark.


  • Fixed – The explosion SFX of some gadgets is muffled when detonated on the walls of 1F Center Hallway of Tower.


  • Fixed – A gap in B Old Office of Villa gives sight to the objective through the arch.

Game Modes

  • Fixed – The connection to server is lost after completing a Terrorist Hunt match.
  • Fixed – AI will prioritize Alibi Prisma even when engaged in combat in pve.
  • Fixed – New players are able to access Custom Games while offline but the Local button will not work.

User Experience

  • Fixed – Voice chat will not work consistently for some teams and no microphone output is shown on the scoreboard.
  • Fixed – Change the TAN Holographic to a BLACK Holographic for all weapons.
  • Fixed – Change the color of Recruits gloves, increased seam visibility. Recruit found a better tailor.
  • Fixed – Switching to full screen from windowed mode in a 4K screen can break the ADS in-game and also the menu UI.
  • Fixed – The Ubisoft club button doesn’t open the Uplay UI challenge section.
  • Fixed – Outbreak collection tag will stay on every uniform if you pick an Outbreak item then switch back to a normal one.
  • Fixed – Global announcements have orange color instead of white.
  • Fixed – The green light on weapon sights appears corrupted.
  • Fixed – Shields will clip with the operator after dropping while crouching.
  • Fixed – Attackers clip through the walls when rappelling from the inside near a Deployable Shield.
  • Fixed – In first person view, players clip in the top of doorframes when vaulting a deployable shield.
  • Fixed – Claymore lasers disappear when looking at them from a certain angle.
  • Fixed – When the user tries to put a barricade while spamming the prone action, the barricade will start the animation but there is no progress bar and it cannot be interrupted.
  • Fixed – Various areas on maps where Nitro cell explosion SFX is muffled when detonated on metallic or blocked windows.
  • Fixed – Drone audio sounds are silent for other players in the session.
  • Fixed – Running and walking footsteps SFX sound the same.
  • Fixed – Drone fall SFX plays even though the drone was destroyed mid air.
  • Fixed – When performing specific gadget swaps the sound will not play.
  • Fixed – Shield unequip SFX is distorted when starting to climb a ladder.
  • Fixed – The music remains on the main menu for several seconds with the Elite skins.
  • Fixed – After JIP is done operators will hold the drone in their hands while operating them.
  • Fixed – Different animations are played between 1st and 3rd person when quickly going in and out of prone.
  • Fixed – Breach charge animation transition misses during deployment.
  • Fixed – Operators have broken wrists when prone and looking down.
  • Fixed – Both arms disappear when sliding down a ladder.
  • Fixed – Randomly assigned Defuser icon is shown during loading screen before round.