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Marvel’s Avengers Multiplayer | Co-op missions and local support

You might be curious about how Marvel’s Avengers multiplayer will work. There’s confusion over how co-op missions will work, whether there’s local co-op support for the game, and other bits and pieces. To get definitive answers to these questions, you’ll want to read our Marvel’s Avengers multiplayer guide.

Marvel’s Avengers Multiplayer | Co-op missions

Marvel's Avengers Multiplayer

Let’s waste no time in delving into the key Marvel’s Avengers multiplayer queries you have. First off, we’ll discuss how co-op missions are supposed to work.

As we’ve already mentioned in our single-player oriented guide, the main campaign of Marvel’s Avengers is mostly single-player. This will be a big disappointment to some players who had hoped to play through the entire story with their mates.

However, there are elements that allow you to form your own Avengers team in multiplayer mode. As lead creative director Shaun Escayg revealed (via IGN) after the game was shown at E3 2019, you unlock side missions as you progress through the campaign. These extra levels allow you to game alongside friends, with each of you picking an Avenger to play as.

You won’t all be able to play as Iron Man, so you’ll have to decide who controls who before diving in.

Marvel’s Avengers Multiplayer | Is there local co-op?

Marvel's Avengers Multiplayer

The short and simple answer to this Marvel’s Avengers multiplayer question is no. The multiplayer component of Square Enix’s and Crystal Dynamics’ upcoming game isn’t supported in any offline capacity.

We know this because it was revealed as much by Escayg during the same Q&A session at E3 2019. This means that there’s no local co-op functionality present in the game. If you want to join your friends on a merry quest, you’ll all have to have an internet connection and play together online on the same server.

If you’re curious about the possibility of crossplay support too, you can find out more about that here.