Dr. Mario World Android Release Date

Nintendo has finally confirmed the Dr. Mario World Android release date. The mustachioed doctor is back in after a few years away, presumably spent developing new cures for those pesky viruses that have plagued mankind since the NES days. Below, you’ll find the release date for Dr. Mario World on Android, as well as the Dr. Mario World iOS release date, for good measure. Be warned, though, there isn’t much time to go out there and earn yourself a medical degree before playing this one! Although, we’re not sure if Mario and the gang are fully licensed, anyway.

Dr. Mario World Android Release Date

Dr. Mario World android release date

Nintendo took to YouTube to confirm the Dr. Mario World release date on both iOS and Android devices. Although we were originally told that the smartphone puzzle game will be releasing in the summer of 2019, its release date is perhaps sooner than you might think. The Dr. Mario World release date was scheduled on both iOS and Android as July 10, 2019.

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Things have changed, however. iOS owners were treated to Dr. Mario World a day early, today, July 9. This has lead to many people asking when the Dr. Mario World Android release date is. Thankfully, it hasn’t changed. You will be able to download and play Dr. Mario World on your Android device from tomorrow, July 10.

The free-to-start puzzle game will unfortunately require you to have a consistent internet or data connection (data charges will apply, of course, if you go over your limit). There will be in-app purchases, too, not mandatory of course. These come in the form of Diamonds, which you can then spend on in-game Hearts (you’ll need a Heart to take on a stage and they will re-fill over time), continue a stage, or obtain items.

Using Diamonds or earned coins, you will be able to buy new doctors. It’s not just Dr. Mario this time around. You will be able to unlock and play as Dr. Mario, Dr. Luigi, Dr. Peach, Dr. Toad, and Dr. Yoshi at least. Each doctor has their own unique skill. There are plenty of head-scratching puzzles you’ll need to overcome, with new obstacles and more involved gameplay.