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Bloodstained Ritual of the Night Twin Dragons | Where to go after getting the Photograph

Bloodstained Ritual of the Night is out now, and like the best Castlevania games that it imitates it can be really difficult, with tough bosses and challenging puzzles. One of the hardest bosses in the game is the gigantic Twin Dragons which appear wrapped around a giant tower, which they chase you down. We’ll show you where to find and how to beat the Bloodstained Ritual of the Night Twin Dragons boss below, but the tricky part actually comes afterwards.

We were stuck for a long time after completing the Twin Dragons boss battle, because unlike the previous bosses in the game there is no obvious direction to go. There’s even a dead end straight after the fight. Where do you go next? What do you do with the Silver Bromide you find in the chest? What do you do with the Photograph, or Credentials? We’ll tell you exactly where to go in this tricky part of Bloodstained. Honestly, killing two giant dragons at the same time is the easiest part…

Where are the Bloodstained Ritual of the Night Twin Dragons?

Bloodstained Ritual of the Night Twin Dragons location

After you’ve gone through the Livre Ex Machina library area and unlocked the double jump, you can finally make your way to the two large, cylindrical towers you have to run around, which are appropriately called the Towers of Twin Dragons. Once you’ve fully explored the first tower, made it up to the very top, unlocked the Fast Travel room and the elevator (very important for later, these two), you’ll start heading down the second tower. Make sure to grab the save room, because once you start going down the spiral tower proper the music will stop and you’ll meet the Twin Dragons themselves.

How to beat the Twin Dragons

The Twin Dragons are the largest boss you’ll have met so far in Bloodstained, and they’re pretty difficult to match, although once you know their attack tells you won’t have too tough a time of it. While you can’t see it, be aware that the dragons share a health bar, so you don’t need to kill one and then the other. We concentrated on the left head as it’s always closest. Use the weapon you’re most comfortable with. Preferably one with a decent reach, speed, and not too bad damage. Firearms are a bit pointless with this boss, however.

The main attacks of the dragons include biting, chasing you down the tower, and breathing fire. Chasing’s the easiest, since you simply have to run away. Feel free to use magic to hit them if it’s quick like True Arrow, otherwise don’t bother to attack until they stop moving. When they bite, two things can happen. Either the heads bite separately, in which case simply watch for one pulling back and get as close as you can to the other, or they’ll bite together. In this case the heads will angle up or down. Stay central, and duck closest to the head that’s angling upwards. The fire breath from the heads is continuous and moves backwards and forwards, so simply stay in the middle of it and jump if you need to.

Keep pressing the attack between these moves and the beasts will fall, literally, and take you to the bottom of the tower next to a golden chest. You’ll get an Inferno Breath shard from the dragons, and can pick up Silver Bromide from the chest. But what’s it for?

What to do with the Silver Bromide

Bloodstained Ritual of the Night photograph

Head all the way back up the elevator to the Fast Travel room and go back to the safe house at Arvantville. To the left of Dominique’s item shop is this little photography parlor. However, if you went there before now, Dominique will tell you she doesn’t have the materials yet, and asks you to find them. What she really needs is Silver Bromide, which of course you have now. Give it to Dominique and she’ll take your photo. All very cute, but what do you actually need the Photograph for? If you’re anything like us you’ll have no idea, as you may not have met a key character, or you didn’t keep talking to them. Let’s save you the search.

What to do with the Photograph

Bloodstained Ritual of the Night photograph location

The good news is that the character who needs the Photograph is right next to the Livre Ex Machina Fast Travel room. Go there, and head to the room directly below that. You probably won’t even need to fight any enemies. You’ll meet a vampire! Orlok Dracule, or “OD” for short. You can pick up stat-boosting books from him, but if you keep talking Miriam will ask about a train in the basement under the Towers of Twin Dragons (see the black line at the bottom of the map?). You may need to go there first.

He’ll say that you need some Credentials to get through the barrier at the train station, which he can make for you. He’ll ask for the Photograph, which he’ll take from you and turn into the correct Credentials. Now, head to the train station. You’ll probably be best off taking the Fast Travel window back to the Towers of Twin Dragons and then traveling down the elevator, then going left across the bottom of the tower (watch out for the Wolfman, he attacks from offscreen). Save in the Save Room, then go down past the Lilis and giant dog heads to the train. Your Credentials will open the barrier, and you can continue playing Bloodstained! Told you it was harder than beating the dragons.