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Judgment Investigate Kaito’s Ruckus | How to complete the search in the alley

One Judgment mission in particular will have you reaching for a crafty cigarette: Investigate Kaito’s Ruckus. The mid-game search sees Yagami taking to the streets on the hunt for a child’s missing father. The story eventually leads him down a particular alley, and it’s there you have to sniff out some clues to prove yakuza involvement. Below, we’ll show you exactly what you need to examine so you can get this seriously frustrating spot of investigating out of the way lickety-split.

Judgment Investigate Kaito’s Ruckus | How to complete the search in the alley

Investigate Kaito's Ruckus

Like most of the Investigation Mode sequences in the game, you can complete this very, very quickly just by going to the point that you need to go to and examining a certain item. However, there’s a small amount of XP on offer, plus a Stray Cat to find, if you wanted to complete everything.

If you immediately walk forward, and face right, you’ll see a door framed by two green banners. Sticking out of the right banner by the threshold is a dagger. Examine that for some XP.

Next, you’ll see an overturned moped directly in front of you. By the sear is a pair of Steel Knuckles. Not what you’re looking for but, again, one for the completionists.

To your right, there’s a dropped baseball bat by the floor. At the far left-hand side of the area, there’s also a Stray Cat. Check out the side of the truck if you’re struggling to see it.

Now, for the final piece of the puzzle. Behind you, near the start, you’ll see a pile of yellow crates strewn over the floor. Examine them (focus in if the notification isn’t popping up) and you’ll kick off a quick scene involving Yagami finding a suspicious pack of… pocket tissues. Yep. That’s a story for another day but, for now, you’ve investigated Kaito’s ruckus and you can continue the main story.