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Judgment Point of No Return | Can I play after the story is finished?

Like other past games in the franchise, there’s a Judgment Point of No Return you need to be aware of. While the game does spell it out for you, if you’re here ahead of time, there are certain things you need to know about before committing to a one-way trip to the end of the game. Specifically, everything to do with whether you can play Judgment after the story has finished. Some open-world titles can often throw in a curveball, either narratively or otherwise, that doesn’t allow you to pick up side missions and the like after the credits have rolled. Let’s go and explore when you encounter the Judgment Point of No Return and whether playing after the story is finished is indeed possible. Some small spoilers follow.

When is the Judgment Point of No Return?

Judgment Point of No Return

The Point of No Return arrives at the game’s thirteenth chapter, entitled Finale: Down Came The Rain. During the story, you’ll reach a juncture involving three separate story beats involving the ensemble of characters you’ve grown close to over the course of the game. These missions are called Choose Your Next Stop. Once all three are done, Sugiura will meet you outside your office and ask you if you’re ready to go. Here marks the Point of No Return.

You can, of course, decline and go and tidy up anything else you want to, get all the upgrades you want, and so forth. I’d also recommend making a separate save here, as well as keeping several medical supplies handy. No spoilers here, but things get pretty hairy and combat-heavy. The entire section also lasts around 90 minutes after you’ve accepted Sugiura’s invitation to start the final mission.

Can I play Judgment after the story is finished?

judgment point of no return

Yes! The game has its very own Premium Adventure, which allows the player to go around Kamurocho after the story, completing any Friend Events and Side Cases as they see fit. They’ll also get a 500,000 yen bonus for completing the main story.