Joy Ride Turbo Xbox360 Cheats


Avatar Awards

Cacti Cap - Win a race on every track to unlock this trendy piece of headwear.

JR Turbo T - Win your first race to receive the official T shirt of the unofficial Joy Ride Turbo fan club.

Victory Pants - Purchase your first car in order to strut out of the dealership wearing a victorious pair of slacks.


Complete each achievement to get the allotted gamerscore.

Collector (30) - You collected all 126 Car Parts

Crimson Completionist (20) - You collected every Trophy in Crimson Park

Cup Champion (20) - You completed the 300 HP Series

Cup Pro (20) - You completed the 200 HP Series

Cup Rookie (20) - You completed the 100 HP Series

Endurance Driver (10) - You raced 50 consecutive laps in Time Trial

Fat Wallet (5) - You collected over 1,000,000 Coins

Flex Those Muscles (10) - You completed a Muscle-Only Series

Full Garage (25) - You purchased every Car

Keep on Truckin' (10) - You completed a Truck-Only Series

Perilous Perfectionist (20) - You collected every Trophy in Perilous Park

Sports Star (10) - You completed a Sport-Only Series