Harry Potter Wizards Unite Age Rating | Is it safe for children?

If you’re a parent, you may have some concerns over the Harry Potter Wizards Unite age rating. Niantic’s new augmented reality game might have you wondering if it’s safe for children to play. After all, the series’ books and films aren’t exactly family-friendly affairs. To find out the answer to this question, we’ll give you a helping hand. Read our Harry Potter Wizards Unite age rating guide for a definitive answer.

What is the Harry Potter Wizards Unite Age Rating?

Harry Potter Wizards Unite Age Rating

The Harry Potter Wizards Unite age rating isn’t rated “U for universal or “E” for everyone. Just like the films and books, Niantic’s game does contain some elements that children might find upsetting. Alternatively, you might feel that its content isn’t suitable for kids, in which case you won’t let your children play it.

The Harry Potter movies that were released were rated either 12 or PG-13, which meant that there were parts of them that weren’t family friendly. It would be up to parents to decide if their children could watch them, depending on how scary or threatening that you may have thought they’d be.

The books, meanwhile, weren’t as visually frightening or violent. The imagination of children, however, means that their interpretations of what’s on the page could be even scarier. Either way, this isn’t a franchise for every family to enjoy.

The age rating for Harry Potter Wizards Unite reflects this. It’s been handed a “PEGI-7” rating on the Google Play store and the Apple store. This is because there’s mild violence and in-app purchases in the game and parents will need to be aware of both before letting their kids play it.

In-App purchases are another element to consider aside from the violence part. It’s considered a form of gambling in some circles, and you wouldn’t want your kids to spend your hard-earned cash on in-game cosmetics and money. Before you decide to let your children play it, it’s worth mulling both of these factors over.