Harry Potter Wizards Unite Download All Assets | What does this do?

Harry Potter Wizards Unite is the latest augmented reality game from Niantic, the creators of Pokemon Go, which brings the wizarding world of Harry Potter into our world, via our phones. However, being a relatively new game, Niantic is still adding extra options, and one of those is the mysterious ‘Download All Assets’. But what does the Harry Potter Wizards Unite Download All Assets option actually do, and is it worth turning on?

What does the Harry Potter Wizards Unite Download All Assets option do?

The Download All Assets option is one of those wonderful and annoying features in games that are so incredibly useful that you have no idea why they’re turned off. Basically, Download All Assets allows you to download most of Harry Potter Wizards Unite on Wifi, thereby eliminating the need to do so with your mobile data. As the game obviously uses a lot of mobile data when you’re out and about, getting the option when you’ve got a Wifi connection to download mostly everything the game needs at once is extremely useful. It also speeds the game up immensely, since it doesn’t have to download everything on-the-go any more.

How to Download All Assets

In order to use the useful Download All Assets function, you’ll have to find it! First, hit the Suitcase icon at the bottom of the screen. After that, hit the Gear icon, which will take you to the game’s settings. From here, scroll down until you see Advanced Settings and click on that. You should see the Download All Assets option somewhere on here. If you’ve got a Wifi connection, tap the option, and it’ll begin downloading the whole game on your phone. While you’re there, also hit the “Notify about new assets” option, so you’ll know when you’ll need to download more assets for the game. Very useful.