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Rocket League 1.65 Update Patch Notes

A brand-new Rocket League update is available to download and install across the PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch versions of the game right now. Primarily, the update is adding in the Rocket League Radical Summer Phase 2 content, but there is a little more to the Rocket League 1.65 update that just that, however. Skip to the end of this guide to read through the complete list of Rocket League 1.65 update patch notes. If you’d rather spend a little more time reading through the new Rocket League update changes, however, you can do so below. Whatever the case, it’ll certainly be calculated.

Rocket League 1.65 Update

Rocket League 1.65 Update Patch Notes

As stated above, the primary purpose of the Rocket League 1.65 update is to add in the second phase of the Radical Summer event content. We’re moving on from Ghostbusters, its Ghost Hunt limited time mode, and the Blockbusters content on July 1, 2019, so this update is getting everything ready for phase two: Culture. We’re now looking down the barrel of the Spike Rush limited time mode. Time to earn some more cassettes and spend them on radical Blockbuster prizes before they’re all gone.

New Content

Along with gettting Rocket League ready for the second phase of the Radical Summer event, Psyonix has decided to add in some new cosmetic items for the hell of it. New MLB content in the form of the American League and National League Toppers have been added in. This is along with new Monstercat-themed Antennae such as 7 Minutes Dead, Desert Star, and WRLD.

Bug Fixes

Of course, what good would an update be without any general gameplay alterations or bug fixes? Thankfully, Psyonix agrees and has included some of each thanks to the 1.65 update. Earned Tier Points will now display correctly at the end of every match and in the Rocket Pass menu, which is nice. You should no longer begin any match with an invisible Battle-Car, either. There’s plenty more fixes, but you can read through them all in the full list of patch notes below.

Rocket League 1.65 Update Patch Notes

Rocket League 1.65 Update Patch Notes

You can read the full Rocket League 1.65 update patch notes below, courtesy of Psyonix:



  • ‘American League’ Topper

  • ‘National League’ Topper

Monstercat (Antennae)

  • ‘7 Minutes Dead’

  • ‘Desert Star’

  • ‘Ephixa & Heartful’

  • ‘Televisor’

  • ‘Tut Tut Child’

  • ‘Varien’

  • ‘WRLD’



  • Adjusted Esports Wheels to ensure they’re symmetrical on both sides of the car

  • [Nintendo Switch] Fixed a bug causing players to enter a match stuck in an incorrect camera view

  • Players should no longer enter a match with an invisible Battle-Car

  • [Nintendo Switch] Fixed the appearance (thickness) of several Rocket Boosts

    • This fix was included in an earlier release (v1.64) on PS4/Steam/Xbox One

  • Earned Tier Points now display correctly at the end of a match, and in the Rocket Pass menu

  • Adjusted appearance of Black Painted Generator II Wheels


  • Ball indicator may not appear near the middle of Throwback Arena

  • [Salty Shores] Lighting in the arena tints some Decals more blue than normal

  • Tournament creators may not be able to spectate Tournament matches

  • Several Wheels may show the rotor or hub clipping through on certain Car Bodies

  • Crates received while playing will not stack with Crates in inventory, but they will stack correctly after a game restart

  • [Xbox One] The ‘Slash Beam III’ Rocket Boost may reduce your frame rate

  • Post match XP bar is blue instead of green for Rocket Pass Premium users

  • On ‘Double Goal’ and ‘Underpass’ Arenas, the Orange team goal displays Blue shields