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Minecraft Dye Leather | How to dye leather in Minecraft

Dying leather in Minecraft is just one of many things that players can do in the game’s expansive world. However, to dye leather in Minecraftyou’ll need to follow a specific set of instructions which are quite involved. This Minecraft dye leather guide will take you step by step through everything that you need to know about how to dye leather in MinecraftSo, let’s get started, shall we?

Minecraft Dye Leather | What materials do I need?

If you are wondering how to dye leather in Minecraft, then you’re in the right place. However, before you can begin the dying process, you’re going to need to collect a couple of materials. Thankfully, they won’t be too hard to gather. The two items you’ll need to dye leather in Minecraft are a water bucket and a cauldron.

Minecraft How to Dye Leather

For the water bucket, you won’t really need much. All that you need to do is fill up a bucket with water. If you find yourself without a bucket, you can craft one with three iron ingots. However, if you have a bucket already, simply fill it with water and you’ll be well on your way to learning how to dye leather in Minecraft!

Now that you’ve got the water bucket filled, you’re going to need the cauldron. This step is also very simple and won’t take you long at all to complete. To make a cauldron, all you will need is seven iron ingots. So, if you don’t have any of the materials needed to dye leather in Minecraft, you’ll just need to get a total of ten iron ingots and then use them to craft a bucket and a cauldron.

Minecraft Dye Leather | What do you want to dye?

The next step in learning how to dye leather in Minecraft is to decide what kind of leather you want to dye. You can dye a leather cap, tunic, pants, and boots. You can dye all of them or one of them, the choice is yours!

Minecraft Dye Leather

If you find yourself without any leather materials to dye, you can pick up leather by killing a cow or a horse in Minecraft. You’ll need different amounts of leather to craft each of the leather pieces, however. Below you can find all of the different leather materials that you can dye in Minecraft, along with how many pieces of leather you will need in order to craft them.

  • Boots: Four pieces of leather
  • Cap: Five pieces of leather
  • Pants: Seven pieces of leather
  • Tunic: Eight pieces of leather

If you don’t have any of these items, you’ll need a total of 24 pieces of leather to make a complete set. So, find out what you need, go gather some leather, and then we can move on to the next step to learning how to craft leather in Minecraft.

Minecraft Dye LeatherPick your dye

There is just one more step to complete before you’re ready to dye leatherIt is time to pick your Minecraft dye color, and the choice is completely yours! All you need to do is decide what color you want to use and then craft the necessary dye. There are tons of different colors of dye that you can make in Minecraft. Below, you’ll find a list of all of the different dye colors and the materials that are needed to craft them.

  • Red: One Beetroot, One Poppy, One Red Tulip, One Rose Bush
  • Green: One Cactus
  • Purple: One Red Dye, One Blue Dye
  • Cyan: One Green Dye, One Blue Dye
  • Light Gray: One Azure Bluet, One White Tulip, One Oxeye Daisy, One Gray Dye, One Black Dye, Two White Dye
  • Gray: One Black Dye, One White Dye
  • Pink: One Pink Tulip, One Peony, One Red Dye, One White Dye
  • Lime: One Sea Pickle, One White Dye, One Green Dye
  • Yellow: One Dandelion, One Sunflower
  • Light Blue: One Blue Orchid, One Blue Dye, One White Dye
  • Magenta: One Aluminum, One Lilac, Two Red Dye, One Purple Dye, One Pink Dye, One Blue Dye, One White Dye
  • Orange: One Orange Tulip, One Red Dye, One Yellow Dye
  • Blue: One Lapis Lazuli
  • Brown: One Cocoa Beans
  • Black: One Ink Sac, One Wither Rose
  • White: One Lily of the Valley, One Bone Meal

So, pick your dye color of choice and once you have finished, you’ll be ready for the final step of the Minecraft dye leather process.

Minecraft Dye Leather | It is time to dye!

Now that you have gathered the necessary materials, crafted your leather, and chosen and crafted your dye, it is finally time to dye your leather!

To start, place your cauldron and add in the water from your water bucket. Next, add the dye that you chose into your cauldron. After that it’s time for the final step. Simply select the leather you want to dye, hold it in your hand, and touch it to the dye in the cauldron. Now you will have a nicely dyed piece of leather!