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Super Mario Maker 2 Edit Downloaded Maps | Can I edit?

You might be curious to know if there’s a Super Mario Maker 2 edit downloaded maps feature. This feature was available in its predecessor Super Mario Maker on Wii U and 3DS, but you might not know if it’s carried over into this title. Luckily for you, we come with a definitive answer to his particular query. If you want to know whether you can edit maps after downloading in Super Mario Maker 2, scroll on down below.

Super Mario Maker 2 Edit Downloaded Maps | Can I change levels?

Super Mario Maker 2 edit downloaded maps

Let’s start off by what we mean by editing downloaded maps in Super Mario Maker 2. In the previous game, you could install maps that other players have created. If you want a batch of new levels to tweak, you were allowed to download them and make changes.

As we mentioned, you could download other peoples’ maps in Super Mario Maker and alter them to make them more difficult if you wanted to. This may have allowed you to make levels much more efficiently, but there was a bit of drama attached to doing so. Namely, that other players might see their creations reuploaded with a couple of changes. This could lead to some people claiming that their levels have been plagiarized, even if Nintendo decided not to do anything about it.

This time, however, things are different. Super Mario Maker 2 does not allow you to edit downloaded maps. Whether this was something on Nintendo’s mind, based on what happened in the previous game, is up for debate. Whatever the reason, you can’t download levels and edit other peoples’ creations this time around.

A thread on Reddit has led to a lengthy discussion on the subject, with some believing it’s the right move and others arguing against that. Either way, you can’t download other creations and change them. Your ideas will have to be 100% original in Super Mario Maker 2.