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Fortbyte 62 Location | Where to find the abandoned mansion in Fortnite

If you’ve been tracking the Fortnite Fortbyte event throughout the course of Season 9, then you’re well aware that a new Fortbyte has been releasing every day since the beginning of the season. Today is no different, as the Fortbyte 62 location has unlocked. Its location is hidden in an abandoned mansion somewhere in Fortnite, waiting to be picked up. We have put together a guide to lead you to the exact abanded mansion location so that you can find the hidden item as soon as possible. Let’s get started!

Fortbyte 62 Location | Where to find the abandoned mansion in Fortnite

To find the location of Fortbyte 62, players will need to locate the abandoned mansion while wearing the Stratus outfit. Naturally, the first thing that you will need to do is make sure that you have the Stratus outfit unlocked and are wearing it on your character.

The Stratus outfit is unlockable at Battle Pass Tier 71. If you haven’t made it that far, then you’ll need to earn some extra XP before you can continue the hunt for Fortbyte 62. A good way to gather more XP is by completing the Weekly Challenges, so you might want to check out our Week 8 challenges cheat sheet.

Fortbyte 62 Location map

If you already have the Stratus outfit unlocked, then the next step to finding the Fortbyte 62 location is to figure out where the abandoned mansion is located in Fortnite. Fortunately, this won’t be too hard. You can find the abandoned mansion in between Lonely Lodge and the race track. You can see the exact location on the map above.

As you get close to the abandoned mansion, you’ll want to head to the bottom floor on the right side of the house. If you land at the front of the house, you’ll see a very clear opening that leads to the right side of the bottom floor.

Fortbyte 62 Location screenshot

Go inside and you should see Fortbyte 62 sitting next to a couch and a computer. As long as you have the Stratus outfit on, it will unlock and you can add it to your collection!