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How Apex Legends Season 2 daily and weekly challenges work

With the announcement of Apex Legends Season 2 releasing in just a few days, Lead Project Manager Lee Horn took to the Internet to explain how the Apex Legends Season 2 challenges would work. The new season is going to see a revamping of how the daily and weekly challenges will work, based on player feedback.

Horn is assuring fans through Reddit that the Season 2 challenges will “balance gameplay purity with variety and fun” and will “not require a YouTube tutorial to figure out.” So, let’s take a look at how the Apex Legends Season 2 challenges are going to work.

Apex Legends Season 2 Challenges | How will Daily and Weekly Challenges work?

Weekly Challenges

Each week, there will be a total of seven new Weekly Challenges in Apex Legends. According to Horn, the challenges will range from getting X number of kills to looting X number of items. While they are designed to take multiple games to complete, they aren’t designed to be tricky. Meaning most of the challenges should be straightforward and won’t be hard to figure out how to accomplish.

Apex Legends Season 2 challenges

Four of the seven Weekly Challenges will earn players 6,000 Stars each upon completion, while the other three challenges will grant players a Battle Pass level tier up for completing. Horn also notes that if you start the new season late and miss out on any of the Weekly Challenges, you will still be able to go back and complete Week 1 challenges even if it is Week 3.

Weekly Resetting Challenges

In addition to the Weekly Challenges, players will receive a special set of three resetting challenges. They will be the same challenge week in and week out and will refresh every week even if they haven’t been completed. Completing the Weekly Resetting Challenges will earn players Stars and XP that can be used to level up their Battle Pass.

Daily Challenges

Daily Challenges will work a bit differently and will randomly be generated from a pool of over two hundred challenges. Each day, players will receive three new Daily Challenges which can be completed quickly and “in a short play session,” according to Horn. Completing a Daily Challenge will earn players 3,000 Stars and will reset every day.