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FFXIV Black Hayate | How to get the new Shadowbringers dog minion

The latest expansion for Final Fantasy 14, Shadowbringers, adds new areas, quests, classes, improvements, and challenges to the long-running MMO, but by far the cutest addition is the arrival of the FFXIV Black Hayate minion. This wonderful doggo companion can be petted, of course, and makes the upgrade to the expansion worth every penny. But how do you get this delightful Final Fantasy 14 Black Hayate dog companion? Here, let us show you.

How to get the FFXIV Black Hayate minion

You’ve seen what the Black Hayate looks like, and of course, you want him immediately right? We can tell you where to go, but it be a little tough to get him as he’s mostly a random drop. The area you get the FFXIV Black Hayate in is the new Holminster Switch dungeon, which is a level 71 challenge introduced in the recent patch 5.0 to coincide with the Shadowbringers expansion. It’s unlocked as part of the main storyline.

Once inside, you can get him from the final boss, the Lightwarden Philia. You can do this boss with other players or solo with Trust NPCs. He’s a random drop though, as mentioned, so it’s a matter of getting lucky. Once you have him, use him in the inventory to summon the good boy. If you have the Mammeteer title for collecting minions, you can pet him. Well, you can try to pet him…

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How does the game describe the FFXIV Black Hayate?

You can summon the Black Hayate at any time to liven up your day, but it’s also amusing to take a look at the game’s descriptions of the cute little boy. “Gaze upon the visage of a ruthless killer,” is his main description from the inventory, with further info mentioning how they were employed as guard or sheepdogs who “react to threats with shocking ferocity.” They’re named after a piece of lethal weaponry from their now-flooded homeland to the east.