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Anno 1800 3.2 Update Patch Notes

A brand-new Anno 1800 update is available to download and install on PC right now. Skip to the end to have a read through the complete list of Anno 1800 3.2 update patch notes. If you’d rather strategize your way through the new update, however, we’ve got a good number of Anno 1800 version 3.2 update highlights for you down below. It’s always good to go into things well-prepared, we say. Read on for the full low-down on the latest Anno 1800 update, which includes plenty of bug fixes across multiple different areas of the game.

Anno 1800 3.2 Update Patch Notes | Highlights

Anno 1800 3.2 update patch notes

Anyone still playing Anno 1800 will be glad to hear that the 3.2 game update brings with it only bug fixes. There are some fixes here for annoying bugs that have plagued the game for a while now. There are gameplay bug fixes, stability fixes, and more in the new update. Read on for a selection of highlights.

Bug Fixes

As stated above, the Anno 1800 3.2 update brings with it only bug fixes. There is plenty to be thankful for, however. At last, the Prosperity for all quest timer bug has been fixed, for example. The timing issue fix has been retroactively applied to any and all affected saves. Another quest bug fix looks at One Hand washes the other. The potential issue regarding the spawning of hostile ships in that campaign quest should now be fixed, too.

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It’s not just campaign quests that have been fixed, however. The developers have ironed out quite a number of bugs. You should now see, for instance, that the Windows process name for the game has been updated to “Anno 1800,” rather than the “Anno 7” of before. Several stability bug fixes have taken place, too, such as one that could take place while you were trading with AI characters. Read through the full list of Anno 1800 3.2 update patch notes below to discover more.

Anno 1800 3.2 Update Patch Notes

Anno 1800 3.2 update patch notes

Read through the complete list of Anno 1800 3.2 update patch notes below, courtesy of Ubisoft:

  • Fixed an issue that prevented the campaign quest “Prosperity for all” from being completed due to a timing issue with the quest. This fix applies retroactively to affected saves.
  • Fixed a potential issue with hostile ship spawns during the campaign quest “One Hand washes the other”.
  • Fixed a potential showstopping issue after completion of the campaign quest “Release and ease”.
  • Fixed a potential stability issue that could appear when finishing a campaign-specific expedition and switching sessions immediately after. This could happen at the end of campaign chapter 2.
  • Fixed an issue with custom games that could results in pirates and other third-party AI spawning twice within a session.
  • Fixed an issue with construction AI, where an AI opponent may end up constructing the same building all over his island. This fix will unfortunately not apply to existing save games. Calm down Willie, you don’t need those 20 sawmills.
  • Fixed a potential stability issue that could occur when trading with AI characters.
  • Fixed an issue in multiplayer that could lead to players becoming stuck in a desync loop under certain conditions.
  • Fixed a potential issue with building interfaces that could occur when clicking on an electricity-powered, and then an unpowered building in quick succession.
  • Fixed a text issue with the quest tracker during the “Eli the incorruptible” quest.
  • Fixed a stability issue that could occur under specific circumstances when trading. This would occur when adding a fifth item to a ship’s sell window (provided it has one), and subsequently first trying to sell the equipped item, before selling the other wares.
  • Fixed an issue with character-specific notifications that could occur if a quest notification was triggered while another object menu for the same character was currently open.
  • Fixed a randomly occurring stability issue.
  • Added a version number to the main menu for easier verification of the currently installed game version.
  • Changed the name of the Windows process for the game from “Anno 7” to “Anno 1800”. That is another 1793 Annos added at no additional cost!