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Destiny 2 1.37 Update Patch Notes ( | Maintenance schedule, rebalanced clan rewards, and more

After a few hours of server maintenance, a new Destiny 2 update will be available to download and be implemented to Bungie’s ever-growing loot shooter. The Destiny 2 1.37 update patch notes include a ton of fixes, including rebalanced XP rewards for clans, fixes to the Menagerie, and much more. We’ve highlighted a few of the important points from today’s update, but you can read the Destiny 2 update in its entirety at the bottom.

Destiny 2 1.37 Update Patch Notes | Highlights

Server Maintenance Schedule

There will be some downtime today where you will not be able to play Destiny 2 as servers will undergo maintenance for Update Here is the maintenance schedule and what you can expect throughout the day.

  • 9:00 AM PDT, maintenance will begin. Players will be removed from activities.
  • 9:45 AM PDT, Update should begin rolling out.
  • 10:00 AM PDT, it is expected that Destiny 2 servers will be back online, however, users may run into issues signing in.
  • 12:00 PM PDT, maintenance should be over and you should be able to start playing.

Bungie does not that if you do run into issues updating Destiny 2, you should re-download the update, and also report that issue on Bungie’s Help Forum.

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Menagerie chest bug fixed

The most notable fix from the new update involves the Season of Opulence activity, Menagerie. Like any other activity you complete in Destiny 2, you open a chest and get a bunch of new gear. However, this particular chest was bugged, allowing players to open the Menagerie chest multiple times.

That isn’t the only bug that was fixed in Menagerie. Prior to the update, players would be given credit for completing a lap of the Gauntlet encounter of the Menagerie even if you die during the process. That is also no longer the case as credit for completing a portion of the Gauntlet activity will now only be given to those who do not die during the encounter.

Rebalanced clan XP rewards

The new update will also rebalance clan XP rewards. More importantly, you’ll be able to earn clan XP in a couple of new ways. Launching strikes from the Director, Black Armory forges, and Escalation Protocol will all garner you some clan XP. In the case of Escalation Protocol, you must complete Level 7 and open the chest to get the XP.

Destiny 2 1.37 Update Patch Notes

Below, you’ll find the full list of patch notes as listed by Bungie:


  • Added clan XP rewards to the following:
      • Strikes launched from the Director
      • Black Armory forges
      • Escalation Protocol (requires completion of Level 7 and players must open the chest)
  • Rebalanced clan XP rewards
      • Raid: 2,000
      • Raid lair: 1,500
      • Nightfall: 1,000
      • Crucible: 500
      • Strikes: 500
      • Patrol: 250
      • Story: 250
      • Adventure: 250
      • Heroic adventure: 500
      • Forge: 500
      • Menagerie: 1,000
      • Reckoning:
          • Tier 1: 500
          • Tier 2: 750
          • Tier 3: 1,000
      • Escalation Protocol: 750
      • Gambit: 500
      • Public events: 250
      • Blind Well: 250


  • Outbreak Perfected can no longer generate nanites when shooting immune targets
  • Fixed an issue where magazine size indicators didn’t display the proper arrows when changing magazine perks on some Machine Guns
  • Fixed an issue where the Sturm’s Accomplice perk would not reload Sidearms other than Drang or Drang (Baroque)
  • Fixed an issue where the Sturm’s Accomplice perk would play excessive reload audio on kill when paired with Drang or Drang (Baroque)
  • Fixed an issue where Season 5 Vanguard Pulse Rifle Nightshade wasn’t available after Season 5
  • Fixed an issue where 21% Delirium was gaining stacks of Killing Tally from shooting persistent destroyable objects


  • Fixed an issue where players could reach an advantageous out-of-bounds spot during Crucible matches on Emperor’s Respite map


  • Fixed an issue preventing players from activating the Witch’s Vessel objects in Crown of Sorrow encounters


  • Players will no longer be able to use their Chalice to gain multiple rewards within the same Menagerie run
  • In the Gauntlet encounter of the Menagerie, only living players will be given credit for completing a lap
  • Fixed an issue where Werner’s weekly bounties no longer gave powerful rewards
  • Fixed an issue where Rune Bonus II for the Chalice was not always refunding a rune
  • Fixed an issue causing the chests on the Barge to reset on Sunday


  • Fixed an issue causing Seasonal Eververse armor to drop from Eververse bundles with random perks
  • Players who currently have randomly rolled Eververse armor will retain the perks that are on them
  • Players affected by the Jubilant Bright Engram issue during the Revelry event can now pick up bundles containing any missing Jubilant Eververse armor pieces from the Seasonal store tab


  • Progress toward the “Platforms Spawned” objective of the Truth quest will no longer be reset on a fireteam wipe
  • Vex Oracles for the Mercury public event will now detonate appropriately when destroyed
  • Eater of Worlds Crystals guarding Argos have returned to their normal, larger size
  • Fixed an issue where some players could infinitely reset their Infamy rank
  • Players who are idle in too many Gambit matches will once again receive matchmaking suspensions
  • Fixed an issue where /join and /invite commands were not always working on PC
  • Fixed an issue preventing the Drifter/Vanguard Allegiance quest from progressing
      • Meat’s back on the menu, Guardians
  • Fixed an issue where waypoints persisted on Ikora and Drifter after completing the Allegiance quest