Box art - Dragon Quest Builders 2

Dragon Quest Builders 2 PC and Xbox One Release Date

At long last, Dragon Quest Builders 2 has released in the West on both the Nintendo Switch and PS4. Is there, however, a Dragon Quest Builders 2 PC release date or a Dragon Quest Builders 2 Xbox One release date? We’ll run you through what we know regarding both of the potential Xbox One and PC ports for Dragon Quest Builders 2. Read on to find out if there is going to be either a Dragon Quest Builders 2 PC port or a Dragon Quest Builders 2 Xbox One port.

Dragon Quest Builders 2 PC Release Date | Is it coming to PC?

Dragon Quest Builders 2 PC release date

As stated above, Dragon Quest Builders 2 is out now on PS4 and Nintendo Switch. The game has been highly praised and currently sits at an average review score of 86 on aggregate site Metacritic. A sequel to 2016’s Dragon Quest Builders, Dragon Quest Builders 2 builds on the original game’s RPG and world creation mechanics. It acts as something of a healthy mixture between traditional JRPG Dragon Quest gameplay and Minecraft. It may come as a surprise, therefore, that the original Dragon Quest Builders didn’t release on PC.

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Dragon Quest Builders and Dragon Quest Builders 2 both seem like they would be a natural fit on the PC, with mouse and keyboard controls able to help out the finer details of the series’ world creation mechanics and item management. For whatever reason, however, there is no sign of a Dragon Quest Builders 2 PC release date. Apparently, Square Enix simply hasn’t put two-and-two together with this one.

While we’d love to tell you why there isn’t any official word from Square Enix regarding a Dragon Quest Builders 2 PC port, we, unfortunately, don’t know why the game seemingly isn’t currently scheduled for release on the platform. Don’t give up hope just yet, however. You can always cling onto hope, especially considering that you can buy and play Dragon Quest 11 on PC via Steam.

Outside of Japan, Dragon Quest 11 was the first mainline Dragon Quest title to release on PC (Dragon Quest 10 is available on PC in Japan). You can also pick up both Dragon Quest Heroes one and two on Steam. While rare, Dragon Quest games have appeared on PC in the past. There’s nothing saying Square Enix won’t eventually port Dragon Quest Builders 2 onto the PC in the future. Keep those fingers crossed, Dragon Quest fans.

Dragon Quest Builders 2 Release Date | Is it coming to Xbox One?

Dragon Quest Builders 2 PC release date

While there is at least a small amount of history of Dragon Quest games on PC, the Xbox is another thing entirely. There has never been a single Dragon Quest release on any Xbox console, let alone the Xbox One. Not even spin-off titles such as the hack-and-slash Heroes games have made their way onto Microsoft’s consoles. Unfortunately, it appears as though the same fate could well befall Dragon Quest Builders 2.

As of writing, there is no official word on any potential Dragon Quest Builders 2 Xbox One release date. We’d argue, too, that any such port would be an unlikely thing for Square Enix to release. Given the series has literally no history on the Xbox platform, it would seem unlikely that Dragon Quest Builders 2 would be the first to break that trend.

Although a Dragon Quest Builders 2 Xbox One port may look unlikely as of writing, it is not entirely out the question. Other Square Enix titles such as Final Fantasy 15 and more recently Kingdom Hearts 3 have both made their way onto the Xbox One. There is always a chance that Dragon Quest Builders 2 may one day worm its way onto the Xbox One, too. We would be a little surprised if it does happen, though, but not completely shocked. Stranger things have happened, for sure.