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Dragon Quest Builders 2 Cursed Items | How to unequip the Sword of Ruin

You’ll find cursed items in Dragon Quest Builders 2 that, while powerful, have a very annoying trait. These cursed items, once donned, won’t let you unequip them. Additionally, 50% of your attacks will miss when you’re wearing them. This can be a huge negative, especially since the builder doesn’t do a ton of damage to start with.

It’s likely there are three items in Dragon Quest Builders 2 that are cursed if it follows the same pattern that the original game does. However, so far we’ve only found the Sword of Ruin, so we’ll be focusing on unequipping that one for now.

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How to unequip cursed items in Dragon Quest Builders 2

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If you’ve found a cursed item in Dragon Quest Builders 2 and had the misfortune to equip it, you’ll get a warning message the next time you try and take it off. If you see red lettering telling you an item is cursed, and can’t be removed, don’t panic.

With the Sword of Ruin, in particular, there are two ways you can break the curse and regain the ability to equip other weapons. The first is through the use of a glitch that gives you the most powerful sword in the game. However, the “right way” to remove a cursed item is a bit more boring.

To unequip a cursed item you can use a potion which can be made at the Isle of Awakening workbench. It only takes one medicinal leaf and one silver to craft, and by the time you are able to get the cursed items in Dragon Quest Builders 2, you should already have plenty of both of those. Instead of an actual bother, this curse is more of a throwback to Dragon Quest 2, and you should have no issue ridding yourself of it.