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Tetris Effect PC Release Date and Supported Platforms Guide

Rejoice, Tetris Effect fans, for a PC release date has been handed to the former PS4 exclusive. It’s very soon too, so you will want to know which platforms are supported for the Monstars and Resonair developed spin-off game. To find out if it will be coming out on Steam and the Epic Games Store, you will need to have a look at this Tetris Effect PC release date guide. Be puzzled no longer, pun completely intended.

Tetris Effect PC Release Date | Epic Games Store

Tetris Effect PC Release Date

Right then, the Tetris Effect PC release date for the Epic Games Store is first up. The announcement for this platform was made in the form of a YouTube reveal video on earlier today. The footage in question showed the game running on PC before its launch date was officially revealed.

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As we mentioned, the game’s release date really isn’t that far off, either. In fact, Tetris Effect will launch in a week’s time on Tuesday, July 23. It will support resolutions of 4K and upward, has an uncapped framerate, and ultrawide support.

If you preorder Tetris Effect from the Epic Games Store or buy it within the first two weeks post-release, you’ll also pick up some handy extras. You’ll get 20% off the $39.99 (£29.99) retail price, a sampler soundtrack, and some groovy wallpapers, too.

Tetris Effect PC Release Date | Will it launch on Steam?

Tetris Effect PC Release Date

Unfortunately not. Tetris Effect is an Epic Games Store exclusive, which means that you can only buy and play it on this platform. There’s no Steam port, and there won’t be one for the foreseeable future.

There’s nothing to say that there won’t be a Tetris Effect PC release date for Steam in the distant future. Right now, however, it’s the latest in a growing list of titles that won’t be working their way to Steam. If it ever does, you’ll hear from us first.