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Pokemon Go Team Rocket invasions | Everything you need to know

Pokemon Go is evolving more with every patch. From additional in-game Pokemon to raids and anniversary events, something is always changing for the better. Now, as teased in the official anniversary artwork, a Pokemon staple is invading the game: Team Rocket!

This time around, the famous villains are called Team GO Rocket. What they’re doing isn’t entirely clear, but something dastardly is afoot. Players can expect the Pokemon Go Team Rocket invasions to begin soon. Thanks to some datamining and legwork from Chrales on Twitter, here’s everything we know so far about the upcoming times of villainy.

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Pokemon Go Team Rocket invasions | What are they?

Team Go Rocket will be invading your game before long. These invasions allow you to battle a Team Go Rocket NPC and receive a reward. Each Team Leader has their own unique dialogue explaining the encounters and giving players a heads-up about some “shadowy figures” hanging out around Pokestops.

It seems that once you approach a Pokestop corrupted by Team Go Rocket, the encounter will occur. There will likely be an in-game visual indicating which PokeStops are being invaded by the baddies, allowing you and your Pokemon to save the day (hopefully).

Pokemon Go Team Rocket invasions | What happens during an invasion?

While details are still sparse, the data mining shed some light on what invasions will be like. Assuming there’s a visual cue in-game to let players know which PokeStop to go to, players head that way and will likely have to battle a Team Go Rocket grunt before the PokeStop becomes accessible. Once the battle has ended, the PokeStop is usable and players have the option to “purify” the poor Pokemon that Team Go Rocket leaves behind.

Pokemon Go Team Rocket invasions | What is purifying?

Team Go Rocket has been using “shadow Pokemon” to help them take over PokeStops. We have a full description of shadow Pokemon which you can read here, but the short version is that Team Go Rocket corrupted these Pokemon and surrounded them with a dark aura. This evil aura covers the Pokemon in shadows, turns their eyes red, and makes them more powerful.

In order to put the evil aura to rest and be returned to normalcy, the corrupted Pokemon must be “purified” by the trainer who catches them. The purification process is still unclear, but a Team Leader will likely teach the player how to do it after catching their first shadow Pokemon. Once the Pokemon is purified, it will replace a Team Go Rocket move called Frustration with Return.

Pokemon Go Team Rocket invasions | Why bother doing them?

There’s nothing more satisfying than putting a baddie in their place. Then again, if you support Team Go Rocket this may not be for you. For the rest of us, the invasions bring with them in-game rewards and more battle experiences. Purified Pokemon may offer bonuses of their own as well. Finally, if you want to be able to properly use your favorite PokeStops again, you may have to fight it out with Team Go Rocket to spin the stops and claim your rewards. More Pokemon and more items! Win-win.

Pokemon Go Team Rocket invasions | When will they begin?

As of now, there’s no confirmed release date for when Team Go Rocket will hatch their plans. However, be aware that they’re coming and get your Pokemon ready to save the world from evil! When Team Go Rocket drops, we’ll have updates.

With that, we wish all trainers the best of luck fighting off Team Go Rocket. Let’s go save some corrupted Pokemon and free our PokeStops from their clutches.