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Fortnite Storm Scout Sniper | Release date, stats, and more

There are tons of cool weapons that players can choose from in Fortnite. Sometimes they stay in the game for a long time and other time they are nerfed pretty quickly. One new weapon that is expected to be added to the game is the Fortnite Storm Scout Sniper. This new weapon was originally leaked but has been officially confirmed by Epic Games, as the weapon has appeared in the in-game news feed. Let’s take a look at the Storm Scout Sniper release date, stats, and more.

What does the Fortnite Storm Scout Sniper do?

Fortnite Storm Scout Sniper

The Storm Scout Sniper is a pretty unique gun and will be unlike any other weapon that has ever existed in Fortnite. This unique gun will allow players to track the storm, meaning they can see the future locations of the storm. This would obviously be a huge advantage once there are only a few players left in a game. Instead of running to the next storm location and risking being exposed, players who have the Storm Scout Sniper can head to the circle before everyone else and get a head start on their building and planning.

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There isn’t currently a release date for the Storm Scout Sniper, but it seems likely that it could be added with this weeks update, which will likely take place on Wednesday or Thursday. Typically once something shows up on the in-game news feed, it is only a matter of days before it appears in the game.

According to the initial leaks, the Storm Scout Sniper will come in an Epic and Legendary variety. This means that it won’t be easy to come by and there will only be a limited number in every game. Below are the leaked stats for each variety, however, remember these are leaked stats and are subject to change.

  • Epic Variety – Damage: 81, Fire Rate: .9, Magazine: 6, Reload Time: 2.85 seconds
  • Legendary Variety –  Damage: 85, Fire Rate: .9, Magazine: 6, Time: 2.7 seconds

There you have it. It’ll be interesting to see how the new Fortnite Storm Scout Sniper plays out once it goes live in the game, but for now, it sounds pretty cool.