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Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 Outfits | How to unlock and change costumes

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order is out now exclusively on Nintendo Switch, the first new game in the series since 2009, and since that time there’s been a world of comics, games, and of course, the entire lot of MCU movies to draw from. Since the comics aren’t static and every artist has their own take on the characters, there are many different costume designs for every single Marvel character. So, are there alternate Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 outfits to choose from?

There are indeed alternative costumes available in the game, in fact there are various outfits for every single playable hero and villain in the game to be unlocked as you play. But how do you unlock all of these various costume changes in the game? Is it easy to unlock them? How do you change costumes on a character once you’ve unlocked them? Will more be coming later as DLC? We’ll answer all these questions below, starting with the obvious: how?

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How to unlock new Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 outfits

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The most important thing to realize is that the alternative costumes for the characters in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3, for the most part, cannot be unlocked by playing the main story mode, at least not directly. You can unlock a few costumes by playing and successfully completing some of the missions in Superior difficulty mode, and the “Chef Deadpool” outfit is available by buying the Expansion Pass, but the vast majority of the different skins are unlocked by playing Infinity Trials.

The Infinity Trials can be accessed from the main menu once they’ve been unlocked. You unlock them by playing through the game’s story mode: by completing missions, at Shield points, or by seeking out the weird glowing rifts hidden in the levels. On the mission select screen there’s a lightning-like symbol next to the chapters, this will tell you how many rifts there are left to find in those levels. When unlocked you don’t have to complete the Trial immediately, it’ll be accessible in the main menu, but you may need to unlock Trials next to it first in the Rifts menu.

Each Rift page has a number of stars to be earned, up to three stars per Trial, and you can see on the left of the page how many stars you’ll need to earn particular alternate costumes for characters. Additionally, certain Trials unlock costumes on their own just by completing them, although you’ll have to unlock the Trial first. These ones will have a little shirt icon and a picture of the character the outfit is for.

How to change Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 outfits

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Actually changing outfits for characters is really easy, but not altogether obvious, and you’re not really shown how to do so. To switch outfits, add the hero or villain you want to customize to your team, and then head to the Team menu. Select the character you want to equip a new outfit for, and on their page press the X button. The prompt is in the list at the bottom of the screen. You’ll pull up a new menu with your available outfits, then just select the one you want. Simple.

Will more alternate costumes be coming as DLC?

Not like the silver Spider-Man alternate costume? Well good news, there absolutely will be more outfits added to Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 in the near future. According to a press release, which also announced the new free characters coming as DLC, “a series of alternate outfits for all of the playable characters in the game” will be coming regularly from launch right up until Q1 2020. So if you’re holding out hope for the Spider-Man: Far From Home outfit, it may well turn up as a piece of free DLC. Fingers crossed.