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For Honor Year 3 Season 3 | New Viking hero, Storr Stronghold map

For Honor Year 3 Season 3 has been announced. For Honor Year 3 Season 3, titled “Hulda,” will add a new Viking hero and a new map to the game when it drops on August 1 for Year 3 pass owners. Ubisoft outlined For Honor Year 3 back in January, calling it the Year of the Harbinger. There will be one more season in For Honor Year 3 after the Hulda season, but for now, read this guide to find out all the new things coming in For Honor Year 3 Season 3.

For Honor Year 3 Season 3 | New Viking hero

Following the Year 3 Season 2 release of the Hitoriki hero, Year 3 Season 3 adds the Jormungandr, a new Viking hero, to For Honor.  The Jormungandr is playable as the female hero Hulda (hence the season’s name) and as the male hero Gretar. The Jormungandr are part of a Viking sect devoted to their namesake, Jormungander, also known as the World Serpent — you remember him, right? From God of War maybe? The Jormungandr hero uses the War Hamarr weapon to “cull the weak” before Ragnarok, the end of the world, to make sure only the strongest warriors participate in “the battle to come.” The Jormungandr is For Honor‘s 25th hero.

Those who have purchased the For Honor Year 3 Pass will gain immediate access to the Jormungandr hero when Season 3 releases. Other players will have to wait until August 8, when they’ll be able to purchase the hero for 15,000 Steel, For Honor‘s in-game currency.

For Honor Year 3 Season 3 | New map

Year 3 Season 3 also brings a new map to For Honor. The Storr Stronghold map, a Viking fortress, will be added to the game’s Break mode map rotation at the launch of Season 3, free for all players. Year 3 Season 2 previously added the Canopy map, which takes Tribute, Elimination, Skirmish, Brawl, and Duel mode players to a Samurai settlement.

For Honor Year 3 Season 3 | Other changes

Ubisoft also notes that For Honor Year 3 Season 3 will bring some new balancing updates to three heroes: Nobushi, Shinobi, and Orochi. According to Ubisoft, the update will “make them more competitive,” but we don’t have any info beyond that.