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Hitman 2 Siberia | New map and objective details

Hitman 2 may have released a while ago, but Agent 47 is still receiving new assignments, and the latest is going to take him to Siberia. The new Hitman 2 Siberia expansion will be releasing a new map, new objectives, and more for players to complete, should they choose to accept. The main feature of the expansion is an all new Sniper Assassin Map, known as The Prison, that is set in Siberia, Russia. Here is everything you need to know about the Hitman 2 Siberia expansion.

Hitman 2 Siberia | New map and objectives

Hitman 2 Siberia

The Prison

The Prison is the newest map to be added to Hitman 2 and it will send players to the the Perm-14 Prison Facility in Russia. The Prison is a privately run prison and is home to some of Russia’s most dangerous criminals, who may or may not be planning an escape. Either way, it is up to Agent 47 to stop them. This is only the second Sniper Assassin map to come to the game since launch, so avid players are likely ready for some more content.

New Objectives

Along with the map, the Hitman 2 Siberia expansion will be bringing new challenges for players to complete. In order to complete his mission, Agent 47 will have to complete a set of four objectives that will require him to eliminate 2 targets, get rid of the Siberian Tigers guarding the prison, and cause a riot. The two targets are Roman Khabko and Vitaly Rezniov. These two men are working together to plan a prison escape, and it’s up to you to put an end to their plans as well as their lives.

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The Hitman 2 Siberia expansion will be available for download on July 30 at 9 AM ET/1 PM UTC on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 (Europe) and 11 AM ET/3 PM UTC for PlayStation 4 (North America). Those on PC will have to wait a bit longer to get their hands on the Hitman 2 Siberia update and can download it starting at 11 PM ET (July 30)/3 AM UTC (July 31). The expansion will be around 2 GB and can be found in players respective gaming platforms store by searching Hitman 2 Siberia.