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Fortnite Machine Pistol | Is it coming to Battle Royale?

You may be curious to know if the Fortnite Machine Pistol is coming to Battle Royale mode. This automatic weapon has been available for players to use in Save The World, but not in PvP mode. With Season 10 having launched, players seem to think that it could well be on its way into Battle Royale. To find out if the Fortnite Machine Pistol will be winging its way to this game type, have a read of our guide.

Fortnite Machine Pistol | Automatic weapon

Fortnite Machine Pistol

Before we take a look at whether the Fortnite Machine Pistol will soon be available in Battle Royale, let’s have a look at what it is and does. It’s a Common auto-pistol that, as you’d expect from an automatic gun, fires bullets at an extremely fast rate.

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It fires Light Bullets that do a ton of damage, and it can be reloaded pretty quickly too. It’s the ideal weapon for Save The World mode, then, and there are other variations of it that you can find in this game type. You can find the Snakebite, Rattler, Cobra, and Viper, which are the Uncommon, Rare, Epic, and Legendary versions of it.

Fortnite Machine Pistol | Is it heading to Battle Royale?

Fortnite Machine Pistol

With Season X here, there has been a bit of speculation over the Fortnite Machine Pistol appearing in Battle Royale mode. Unfortunately, we’re here to report that it won’t be getting brought across from Save The World anytime soon.

Due to its extensive damage, rate of fire, and quick reload time, this weapon would be too overpowered for a PvP mode. If amazing Fortnite players got their hands on it, it would basically be game over for everyone else and a Victory Royale for them.

That’s not to say that Epic Games won’t bring some form of it over to battle royale at some point. For now, though, don’t bank on it appearing in this game type.