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How to play Mario Tennis Aces for free on Nintendo Switch Online

For a long time, Nintendo players haven’t been given any kind of free games like that of Xbox Games with Gold or the PlayStation Plus free games. However, that day has come to an end, as Nintendo seems to be testing out a free game system for Nintendo Switch Online users. For a limited time, Nintendo Switch Online subscribers can get Mario Tennis Aces for free. That’s right, you heard correctly, Nintendo is giving out a free game, for a few days, anyways.

How to play Mario Tennis Aces for free on Nintendo Switch Online

Mario Tennis Aces for free

If you’re a Nintendo Switch Online subscriber, then today is your lucky day. It seems Nintendo is trying to test out its own version of giving free games to its online service subscribers. With Nintendo Switch Online being a relatively new thing, it makes sense that Nintendo would want to give this a shot, and what better character to start out with than Mario.

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From August 7 through August 13, Nintendo Switch Online members can play the full version of Mario Tennis Aces. There aren’t any strings attached here, and the game will be completely free during the designated week. Players can download the game on their Switch beginning at 10 AM PT on Wednesday, August 7 and play until midnight PT on Tuesday, August 13.

Unlike Games with Gold and PS Plus, Mario Tennis Aces will not be yours to keep once the window closes. Players can download the game during the designated time and play it as much as they like. However, once the time limit is up, players will have to pay for the full version of the game if they want to keep on playing.

Nintendo Switch Online is a fairly affordable service, starting at just $4 for a month or $20 for a year. If you’ve been thinking about trying out Mario Tennis Aces, then now is your chance.