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All Red Dead Online Roles List | Bounty Hunter, Trader, and Collector

Red Dead Online roles have been announced by Rockstar Games as a new way for players to mix up their experience in the online multiplayer component of Red Dead Redemption 2Rockstar Games have slowly been improving their multiplayer experience, and now they’re introducing a number of specialist roles that will let you make an even deeper connection with your character as you explore the frontier!

All Red Dead Online Roles List | What are the roles?

Red Dead Online roles

As Rockstar Games notes in a newswire article, the “first three” Roles are being introduced to the game in a future update. This implies that we are going to see even more roles in the future as they expand this brand new feature. These future roles are sure to be interesting, but for now, we’ll explore the initial three Red Dead Online roles.

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Bounty Hunter

The Bounty Hunter will be tasked with, well, tracking down bounties. Hunt down outlaws with your trusty horse and sidearm and bring them to justice while earning a pretty penny. Being a bounty hunter doesn’t mean that you’re a good guy, though — after all, the wanted posters do say “dead or alive”. Progressing along this Red Dead Online role will unlock a bunch of cool tricks, a tougher lasso, and abilities that will help you hunt down the bad guys even easier!


The Trader is for the folks who prefer to get up close and personal with the game’s wildlife. Your survival knowledge can be used to exploit the wilderness for fun and profit. That’s not a turn of phrase, either — you’ll effectively be able to turn your camp into a store. You’ll be able to expand your business with a guard dog, new equipment, and even big ol’ wagons to let you haul in the really big game.


The last of the first three Red Dead Online roles is the Collector. Similar to the Trader, you’ll be exploiting the land to make money. Rather than track down animals, you’ll be searching the world for rare artifacts that can be sold for a profit and achieve their ultimate destiny: being sold on Pawn Stars in a hundred and twenty years or so in the future. Advancing in this role will unlock several tools that will help you track down the really tough artifacts like binoculars, a lantern for your horse, and even a metal detector.