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Destiny 2 Weekly Reset (August 5) | What’s changed in the weekly reset today?

The first Destiny 2 weekly reset for August 2019 is here. This Tuesday, August 5, sees the continuation of Year 2 Solstice of Heroes and some other minor changes and updates for the this week’s resset. To find out when the weekly reset today is, and for everything else worth knowing about the Destiny 2 weekly reset, you can check out our guide below. Have a gander, Guardians, and then get to work.

Destiny 2 Weekly Reset (August 5) | When is the weekly reset time today?

Destiny 2 weekly reset

As it’s still summer, the Destiny 2 weekly reset time hasn’t changed since last week—or any time since March, to be accurate. Even so, for those of you who are only now picking up the game, the weekly reset will take place at 10 AM PDT, 1 PM EDT, and 6 PM BST.

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This time won’t change until Fall rolls around in October, but we’ll be sure to let you know when it does change closer to when that’s about to happen.

Destiny 2 Weekly Reset (August 5) | What’s changed in the Destiny 2 weekly reset?

Destiny 2 weekly reset

As we mentioned earlier, the Destiny 2 weekly reset has a couple of minor changes to be aware of. The first and most customary changes come in the shape of those weekly challenges. As always, these have been swapped for other tasks, and you can check out which ones have been altered by looking at the official Reset Ritual Page. You can also check out the names and tasks for each new challenge by logging into the game once the reset has occurred.

The Solstice of Heroes Year 2 event is in full flow right now, so don’t expect a massive overhaul of game types, challenges, or anything else just yet. You can still earn your Legendary armor sets, the Moments of Triumph “MMXIX” title, and Voidstreak Sparrow if you haven’t already, though, so hop to it.

Finally, Xur is departing us once more, but he’ll return on Friday bearing new gifts for you to purchase. Check back here at the week’s end to see what’s what.