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How to catch Shiny Turtwig in Pokemon Go

Knowing how to catch Shiny Turtwig in Pokemon Go is key to fully enjoying the upcoming Community Day. You see, for September’s special event, the featured Pokemon will be Turtwig, the grass-type starter. Encounters with the blue version of Turtwig will be much more common during the Community Day, so make sure you catch the little sprouty lad in time!

Pokemon Go Shiny Turtwig | Blue Turtwig and special move for Torterra

pokemon go shiny turtwig

The Grass-type Pokemon Turtwig is the featured Pokemon for the upcoming Community Day. Similar to previous Community Days, Turtwig will appear more frequently in the wild during the limited period of time. Additionally, a Shiny Turtwig will also be catchable during the event to add to your collection of pocket monsters. Even if you don’t want to capture every single Turtwig you see, you should at least click them to do a “Shiny check.” If it’s not a Shiny Turtwig, simply back out and continue to walk around.

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As an added bonus, if you can manage to evolve a Grotle, the evolved form of Turtwig, into a Torterra between the time the event starts to an hour afterward, it will have a special move it normally can’t learn. Specifics on what that move will be has yet to be revealed but it the announcement from The Pokemon Company says to “check back soon” to find out.

The more hardcore Pokemon Go players will be looking to get the ultimate Community Day prize: a Shiny Torterra with the special move and perfect stats. Before you transfer your Turtwigs for candy, be sure to first check their stats using the “Appraise” function to see how strong they are. Secure a 4-star Shiny Turtwig and evolve it into Torterra to be the very best that ever was!