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FIFA 20 VOLTA Modes | VOLTA World, Story, League, and Kick-Off

At long last, EA Sports has lifted the lid on its previously mysterious FIFA 20 VOLTA offerings. Now we know the complete list of FIFA 20 VOLTA modes. In this in-depth guide, we’ll tell you all there is to know about the second coming of FIFA Street in terms of the different ways in which you can play it. VOLTA appears to be more than just a tacked-on extra mode based on all of the different gameplay offerings it features. Read on to find out everything there is to know about FIFA 20 VOLTA Story, World, League, and Kick-Off mode.

FIFA 20 VOLTA Modes | VOLTA Story


While there will be no continuation of The Journey story mode in FIFA 20, single-player fans will be glad to find out that there is a Story mode of sorts in FIFA 20. The brand-new FIFA 20 VOLTA mode is actually split into several different modes, with plenty of gameplay tweaks to be found in each. One such mode within VOLTA is the VOLTA Story.

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In the VOLTA Story mode, you will create your own avatar character (rather than playing as Alex Hunter or someone similar this time around). Your Avatar player will improve based on any and all matches of VOLTA Football you play across all modes.

In the VOLTA Story mode, you will face off against other teams containing (according to EA) “street football legends, to the diverse and unique players based on community-generated Avatars and squads, to professional footballers.” Your ultimate aim in this Story mode appears to be to win the VOLTA World Championships held in Buenos Aires.

Throughout your time in the VOLTA Story mode (after creating your own Avatar), you will be taught all there is to know about recruiting new players for your squad, learn all about squad building, travel around the world, play head-to-head matches against legends in the street football and football worlds, and compete and earn special rewards through VOLTA Skillers. It does appear that the VOLTA Story mode is something of an expanded tutorial for the small-sided offerings in FIFA 20. Watch the VOLTA gameplay trailer below:

FIFA 20 VOLTA Modes | VOLTA World and Tour

The VOLTA World appears to be an all-encompassing term for all things FIFA 20 VOLTA modes, including VOLTA Tour. In VOLTA Tour you will build up your squad by recruiting new players. You’ll be able to recruit new players by winning matches. Street football legends are also available to recruit by completing their unique challenges. You will only be able to feature one of these legends in your team at once, however. Any player you recruit won’t develop any further from the level at which you recruit them. This means that in order to improve your VOLTA squad, you will need to keep on winning matches. If you lose a match, you won’t lose any player. Be warned, though, that you can only recruit nine players. You will need to get rid of any additional players beyond the ninth one you recruit.

The VOLTA World Tour is where you’ll take your crafted team and face off against other players and teams. VOLTA Tour is a consistently online connected mode. You’ll play matches against other teams that have been created by other real FIFA 20 players from around the world. If you beat one of these teams, you can recruit one of their players. Matches in the Tour mode will be played across 17 different locations, all with different available match types.

Each Tour location features a few different tournaments, too. These are as follows:

  • Progressive
    • Keep trying to win a particular match as many times as it takes to progress
  •  Traditional Knock-Out
  • Win-Streak
    • Win X number of matches in a row

FIFA 20 VOLTA Modes | VOLTA League


VOLTA League is a similar mode to that of the Online Seasons of FIFA games past. In VOLTA League, you’ll play against other players in online matches in order to earn promotion to higher leagues. You’ll be able to choose a home turf that best suits what you enjoy in VOTLA Football. You can also choose your favored style of play (more on those options below).

VOLTA League allows you to play against your friends, too, with home and away matches to boot. Just as there are promotions, however, there are relegations, too, so best keep those VOLTA skills sharp and well-practiced.

FIFA 20 VOLTA Modes | VOLTA Kick-Off


If you want to take to the streets and courts with existing football stars, VOLTA Kick-Off is the mode for you. In Kick-Off, you’ll choose your favorite team and be given a randomly selected starting line-up and formation depending on the individual Kick-Off mode you choose. You can pick and choose your players and formation before the match starts, however. Please keep in mind, though, that the players you pick will be on the pitch until the end of the match. There are no substitutions in VOLTA. You can play mixed-gender VOLTA matches in Kick-Off and other modes, too.

There are plenty of VOLTA Kick-Off options to choose from, as well. You can play Kick-Off as seemingly any team in a whole host of different arenas and styles. For example, you can play any VOLTA match in standard 5v5, 4v4, 4v4 Rush (no goalkeeper), 3V3, 3v3 Rush (no goalkeeper), and Futsal rules. You can choose from a variety of different arenas, with and without walls, and in any of three pitch sizes.

On top of it all, you can even play VOLTA Kick-Off House Rules matches. At the very least, you will be able to choose from First to X (the first team to X number of goals wins), No Rules, and Survival. There really are a lot of different VOTLA customization and gameplay modes to choose from.