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Destiny 2 Update Patch Notes

A new Destiny 2 update has arrived and is bringing some minor updates to Solstice of Heroes, Moments of Triumph, and more. This is a rather small update, but there are a couple of changes that will hopefully help make for a better playing experience. The Destiny 2 update released today, August 13, 2019, on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. Let’s take a deeper look at the most recent patch notes for the latest Destiny 2 update.

Destiny 2 update | Solstice of Heroes, Moments of Triumph, and more

Destiny 2 update

Perhaps the main feature of the Destiny 2 update has to do with the Solstice of Heroes, a limited time event where Guardians celebrate its defenders. The update will be changing up the Solstice armor objective that requires players to defeat 100 minbosses in the EAZ. From no on, the objective will only require players to defeat 50 minibosses, making things a bit easier. In addition, completing the boss phase will count as five miniboss kills, since the boss will be a bit harder to defeat than a regular miniboss.

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The other changes in the Destiny 2 update are rather small, but are still worth mentioning, especially in regards to changes to Moments of Triumph end date. Per the update, the Moments of Triumph end date has been extended from August 27 to September 19, giving players a little extra time. Other changes include, the Micro Mini Sparrow now having a more size appropriate Microdrive and the ‘Wolves Unleashed’ and Prismatic Inferno’ emblems now being able to be reclaimed from Collections.

As you can see, this isn’t a huge update. It seems that Bungie is mostly aiming to add a few quality of life fixes to help things continue to go smoothly. The Solstice of Heroes event has been the main focus for Bungie over the past few weeks, making sure everything went smoothly. So until that wraps up, there likely won’t be any more major updates.

Destiny 2 update patch notes

Solstice of Heroes

  • The Solstice armor step objective “defeat 100 minibosses in the EAZ” has been updated
  • Now requires only 50 minibosses
  • Completing the boss phase counts as 5 miniboss kills

Moments of Triumph

  • End date for Moments of Triumph has been extended to 9/17 (changed from 8/27)
  • Moments of Triumph T-shirt claim date has been extended to 9/17


  • Micro Mini Sparrow has a new, size-appropriate, Microdrive


  • The “Wolves Unleashed” and “Prismatic Inferno” emblems can now be reclaimed from Collections