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Madden 20 August Update | Ultimate Team and Franchise Mode changes

A new Madden 20 update has been deployed by EA and it aims to provide a few quality-of-life improvements. In the update patch notes, developers stress that this is a minor update, while bigger updates are in the works. For that reason, there won’t be any big changes in the Madden 20 August update. Instead, there will be a bunch of smaller changes, mainly to Ultimate Team and Franchise Mode that will hopefully help make playing a little bit more enjoyable. Let’s take a look at the August update for Madden 20. 

Madden 20 August Update | Ultimate Team and Franchise Mode changes

Madden 20 August Update

There are three focuses in the Madden 20 August update, and they come in the form of Global, Ultimate Team, and Franchise Mode changes. There isn’t much to share surrounding Global updates, as the patch mainly addressed general stability, performance, and connectivity issues. Developers were also able to reduce the chances of disconnecting from online games, which has been an issue for a lot of players.

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In Franchise Mode, there were six different ‘fixes,’ each aiming to make the mode play a little bit smoother. Perhaps the biggest fix addressed an issue causing players to go to more than one overtime in regular-season games while using the ‘Play the Moment’ feature. Developers were also able to fix an issue that prevented the game from ending and restarting when an objective was failed during the last play of the game if it was a fourth down. There were some other issues addressed as well, which can be seen in the full Madden 20 August update patch notes below.

The final set of changes addressed some issues in Ultimate Team. The main thing that developers did was add a popup that will help players properly use their X-Factor and Superstar Abilities. With that, developers also fixed issues with the X-Factor and Superstar Abilities functionality. Some other changes addressed display issues, auction house fixes, and improved performance of the ‘Play’ tab. All of those changes are detailed in the full patch notes below.

Madden 20 August update patch notes

Global Updates

  • General stability, performance & connectivity improvements and fixes
  • Reduced the chances of encountering a disconnect from online games when transitioning into gameplay. Additional fixes remain under investigation for future title updates.

Franchise Updates

  • Fixed an issue causing more than one overtime to occur in regular season games when using the ‘Play the Moment’ feature
  • Fixed an issue causing the game to enter a state where it would not end when failing an objective on a fourth down during the last play of the game
  • Fixed an issue causing the game to enter a state where it would not end when the clock expired during a safety by the CPU when playing either Face of the Franchise: QB1 or Player-locked Franchise
  • Fixed an issue causing a soft-lock on the Weekly Game Boosts screen after running only one play before the quarter break when using Supersim
  • Broncos defensive playbook has been updated to reflect new Broncos Head Coach Vic Fangio
  • Fixed an issue sometimes preventing the college overtime rules from being honored in Face of the Franchise: QB1

Madden Ultimate Team Updates

  • Added a popup when exiting the lineup screen whenever you have a player with X-Factor or Superstar Abilities and available slot in the ‘Activate Superstar X-Factor’ menu.
    • DEV NOTE: We are noticing a lot of players are equipping X-Factors and Superstar Abilities but not going the extra step to “Activate” them. As a reminder, you can only choose 3 players from offense and 3 players from defense and only those 6 players will carry X-Factors and Superstar Abilities into the games you play. Nobody else on the lineup will have either X-Factors or Superstar Abilities brought into game unless they are activated. We have some additional support coming to make this even more clear but for now this popup will serve as a reminder to go activate your players.
  • Fixed an issue causing the X-Factor and Superstar Abilities to lose functionality when restarting or using the ‘Play Next Challenge’ feature
  • Fixed an issue preventing the proper values from displaying when attempting to equip a chemistry associated with both a positive and negative value
  • Fixed an issue preventing users from linking Wildcards already in a set to the Auction House
  • Improved performance of the ‘Play’ tab on the MUT menu