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Fortnite Retail Row | Where did Mega Mall go?

Fortnite is an ever-changing game, filled with new challenges, weapons, items, and even map changes. In fact, map changes have been a big focus of Fortnite Season 10 (X), as players saw a couple of familiar locations reappear at the launch of the season. Since then, there have been new map changes almost every week. With the new update this morning, another fan-favorite location has made a reappearance: Retail Row. After being replaced by Mega Mall, an up-and-coming shopping center, the Fortnite Retail Row location seemed to be gone for good. Now it’s back, but it leaves some fans wondering: where did the Mega Mall go?

Fortnite Retail Row | Is Retail Row back?

Fortnite Retail Row

The rumors are true, Retail Row is indeed back and it seems it is here to stay, at least for the remainder of Season 10. Last week, Neo Tilted disappeared and Tilted Town appeared and hasn’t changed back. In fact, since the launch of Season 10 none of the new locations have reverted back to their old locations, meaning the old locations are probably back for the rest of the season, at least.

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This means that Mega Mall is probably going to be gone for the rest of the season, and likely won’t be returning any time soon. It remains to be seen if it will come back at the start of next season or if it will be gone for a while (or possibly forever). There are a couple of other locations that fans are hoping will return, like Tomato Town, Lazy Links, Greasy Groves, and many more. Luckily for them, it seems likely that there will be a handful of locations returning to the game over the next few weeks. Unfortunately, this means that some of the newer locations will also be leaving the game. The question is, which ones?