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No Man’s Sky Beyond PSVR black squares fix

No Man’s Sky continues to expand in incredible new ways, and the latest update No Man’s Sky Beyond expands the game to ridiculous heights. Apart from improving the multiplayer and increasing the alien NPCs, the Beyond update also adds full support for all manner of VR devices, including PSVR, so you play No Man’s Sky entirely in virtual reality. That’s amazing, but it’s not without its problems, as PSVR players are reporting issues with the game’s particle effects. Is there a No Man’s Sky Beyond PSVR black squares fix? Let’s have a look.

What is the No Man’s Sky Beyond PSVR black squares bug?

This particular bug in No Man’s Sky Beyond only affects VR users, and as right now we only have reports of it specifically affecting PSVR players on PS4. What happens is, when playing the game on PSVR and using the multi-tool, which of course you’re doing all the time, the particle effects are all messed up and appear as solid black squares. This seems to affect PSVR users on both regular PS4 and PS4 Pro. It can be quite immersion-breaking, so is there a fix?

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Is there a No Man’s Sky Beyond PSVR black squares fix?

There actually is a temporary fix for this black squares bug, which seems to work for most users. It comes thanks to Reddit user Crosbie71, who first recorded the problem. The simple solution is to head to the game’s setting menu and turn on Damage Numbers in the ‘General Options’ menu. If it’s already on, trying turning them off and trying again, but generally you shouldn’t have the problem if the option is already on. We’re not sure why changing this setting fixes the black squares bug, but until Hello Games manages to patch it out this is a nice simply fix for now.