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Why is there no FIFA 19 FUT Champions Weekend League? (September 8)

You might be curious to learn about the future of the FIFA 19 FUT Champions Weekend League. With FIFA 20‘s release on the horizon, you may be wondering why there is no Weekend League for September 8. Luckily for you, we’re here to provide an answer to this particular query. To get the lowdown on this, check out our FIFA 19 FUT Champions Weekend League guide and be confused no more.

FIFA 19 FUT Champions Weekend League | Why is it ending on September 8?

FIFA 19 FUT Champions Weekend League

If you haven’t already heard, the FIFA 19 FUT Champions Weekend League will be ending ahead of the launch of FIFA 20. As you’ve probably guessed, the FIFA 19 iteration of FUT Champions mode didn’t have long left to run, but what might surprise you is why it’s ending before September 8.

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According to a message from the FIFA team, which was uploaded to Twitter by user Marshall89HD, the reason behind the closure of the FIFA 19 Weekend League is a very simple one. With FIFA 20 getting released on September 24, bringing the shutters down on its predecessor early will give the team time to prepare for the launch of this year’s edition. It’ll also let them lay the groundwork for FIFA 20 FUT Champions too, which you’ll all want to enjoy.

FIFA 19 FUT Champions Weekend League | When is the final weekend taking place?

FIFA 19 FUT Champions Weekend League

The final Weekend League of FUT Champions will take place on August 30. Once that weekend has finished, you won’t be able to access the FIFA 19 Weekend League. The final day to play it will be September 1, as the FIFA team will be busy preparing to launch FIFA 20 and get this iteration’s Weekend League up and running as soon as possible.

You’ll still be able to enjoy other content on offer in FIFA 19 Ultimate Team after September 1, but not the Weekend League. It won’t be long before the FIFA 20 FUT Champions version is live though, so a couple of weeks without it won’t hurt you.