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No Man’s Sky Base Power | How to generate and store energy

After receiving its big Beyond update, No Man’s Sky has gone through a few big changes. Perhaps one of the biggest changes has to do with base power and how players generate and store energy. After the update, players were required to power their bases with a power source in order to use power consuming items. This means that every base now needs some type of power source structure. Thankfully, there are tons of ways to generate and store No Man’s Sky base power. Let’s take a look.

No Man’s Sky Base Power | How to generate power

No Man’s Sky Base Power

There are a couple different ways to go about generating base power in No Man’s Sky. Players can use items like Solar Panels, Transformers, and Electromagnetic Generators to power their base, so it really comes down to personal preference. This guide will take a look at a couple of different options to help you decide what you’d like to use as your power source. Let’s take a look at tons of different No Man’s Sky base power items.

Solar Panels

Solar Panels act as a great way to generate power in No Man’s Sky, however, they are really only beneficial during the day. So if you want your base to have power during the night, you’re going to need to find another power source for the evening hours. Below is list of all of the materials that you need to build a Solar Panel.

  • Chromatic Metal (75)
  • Gold (50)
  • Metal Plating (2)
  • Solar Panel Blueprint (8 Salvaged Technology)

If you’re wanting to put some Solar Panels on your base, you’re going to need to gather up a handful of materials first. Chromatic Metal is a metal alloy that can be created in a Refiner by combining Copper, Cadmium, Emeril and Indium. Gold, on the other hand is an exotic metal that can be found in minerals, Metal Fingers, dropped by pirates, or mined from asteroids. The last item that you’ll need to build a Solar Panel is Metal Plating, which can be built from Ferrite Dust. Once you’ve got all of those materials, you’ll need to purchase the Solar Panel blueprint, which will cost you eight Salvaged Technology.

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If you’ve decided to build the Solar Panels, you can store some of its excess energy in batteries, which can be used to power you base at night (more on this later). These two base power sources would be a good combination to use, since all of the power is being drawn from one source. Additionally, setting up Solar Panels are rather easy compared to some of the other items. So, if you’re wanting a simple, quick set up, the Solar Panel-Battery combo is the way to go.


These are best if you’re looking to power a large base. Setting it up is a pretty simple process as well, thankfully. All you’ll need to do is place the Transformer outside of your base and then run wires back to you base. This will allow the power from the Transformers to run back to your base and distribute itself throughout your base. Unfortunately, it’s a bit unclear how to find Transformers, which might make setting it up a bit tricky.

Electromagnetic Generator

The Electromagnetic Generator is a solid power source, but is rather tricky to set up initially. For starters, you can find the generator at the Nexus Station. Once you’ve got one, you’ll need to have the Survey Device (the blueprint can be purchased from the Multi-tool vender on the Anomaly) on your Scanner. With this, you’ll be able to locate Power Spots by looking for Electromagnetic radiation. Once you’ve found some Power Hotspots (look for a lightning bolt symbol), you can use those to power your generator.

No Man’s Sky Base Power | How to store power


No Man’s Sky Base Power

Another good way to generate and store power in No Man’s Sky is by using batteries. However, they don’t come without a cost. With that being said, if you have the proper materials (*cough* Solar Panels *cough*), they can be very beneficial because they don’t require any kind of fuel in order to function. You’ll need three items to build batteries, which can be seen in the list below.

  • Condensed Carbon (100)
  • Magnetized Ferrite (60)
  • Battery Blueprint (3 Salvaged Data)

As you can see, you’ll need a handful of Condensed Carbon and Magnetized Ferrite. Condensed Carbon is a fuel element that can be found in crystal minerals on virtually every planet. On the other hand, Magnetized Ferrite is a metal element that can be found by defeating pirates and in resource deposits. The Battery blueprint can be purchased with Salvaged Data. If you need help finding Salvaged Data, check out our guide.

No Man’s Sky Base Power| How to transfer power

No Man’s Sky Base Power

Transferring power is essential to setting up No Man’s Sky base power and is going to be done via electrical wires. As you might expect, you’re going to need to run wires from your power source to whatever you’d like to power. Electrical wires can be picked up from the Construction Research Unit for free, which is really convenient.

To further elaborate on transferring power in No Man’s Sky, let’s use the Solar Panel base power source as an example. Once you’ve set up your Solar Panel, you’re going to need to transfer all of that power to different devices. If you want to connect it directly to a device, simply run wires from the Solar Panel to whatever item you want to power. However, if you do it this way, remember that you will only be able to use that item during the day.

Perhaps the best way to transfer power via Solar Panels is through a battery, With this method, you’ll run electrical wires from your Solar Panel to your Battery and then from your Battery to whatever item you’d like to power. Using this method will allow you to power your items at night as well as the day, because power will be stored in the Battery.